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After Hours ~ Katie

Please welcome my beautiful friend Katie with her first guest post. I’ve been trying to get her to agree to let me post something of hers for a while and she finally agreed! Her exact words were, “Stella, by all means you may post anything of mine on your blog. You may also link it back to my profile. It may help me with some feed back as to how I can improve.” I would like to post more of her writing, so let’s all show her some love and constructive criticism. Thank you Katie, so very much, for this privilege.


Her cell phone buzzed, it was only 08:25, and a new message appeared. It simply read, “You are going to be spanked this evening”. Immediately she felt her internal muscles clench. Another message followed, “Prepare for it”. This order caught her totally off guard. Prepare for it??? No one had ever asked her or told her to prepare for a spanking before. This was truly a first. She racked her brains. How the hell does someone prepare themselves for a spanking that’s going to happen 11 hours from now? She was lost in her thoughts of all the possibilities.

The sudden ping of another message brought her back to reality. The texting became fast and furious… “I’m enjoying the prospect of reddening your derriere. The sight and sound of leather on your ass”. “The colour progressing from pink to crimson and feeling your increasing wetness”.  “Bending you over the oak meeting table at the office.”

She sat back in her chair, licked her lips and grinned. Oh my God, she said out loud. She was getting so excited staring at the message. She didn’t hesitate. Her tea-cup didn’t stand a chance now in her trembling hands. After placing it safely on the dining room table, she continued to follow the messages. The last order rang out. “Be properly ready at 7:00.”

She sat dumbfounded shaking her head. Not only was she going to be spanked, she was going to be spanked at his office. Holy shit! Her thoughts took off like a freshly disturbed bees nest. Questions flooded her left right and center. Where was his office?  Would there be anyone around there at that time of night? What about surveillance cameras? What if they got caught? She took a deep breath in and out and tried to control her rapid breathing. Slow down, she told herself. She knew it was going to be a difficult task keeping focused at work for the rest of the day. Her mind kept drifting back to the simple order, “Be prepared”.

Thankfully the day went quickly for her at work and when she was done she hurried home. Her stomach was already fluttering like a butterfly conservatory so she by skipped dinner. She headed straight to the shower after flinging her uniform into the nearby hamper. Two points, she said giggling to herself. The warm water cascading down her body felt so nice. Lathering up her loofah she cleansed herself from head to toe. She took one last squeeze of the scented shower gel into her wet hands and began to pay special attention to her mound and nether lips. Oh the thought of getting off right then and there in the shower suddenly crossed her mind, but she resisted. She had to remain a “Good Girl” for him.

The weather outside had changed drastically and forced her choice of attire to as well. She had planned on wearing a skirt and top, black bra and matching black lacy thong, along with her black thigh high silk stockings and heels. Since it was cold and pouring rain she settled for a simple but tasteful black studded blouse and pants. Her cell phone pinged at 6:45.  A simple question appeared, “Are you suitably prepared”?  She responded to the text message then waited nervously in her chair.

He arrived promptly at 7:00 and proceeded to drive her to his office. Good thing she had worn her trench coat, otherwise he would have been able to see her knees shaking with anticipation underneath. Once inside the office he gave her a grand tour that ended at the large meeting room. She immediately shivered when she saw the oak table. He didn’t miss a thing as he questioned her if she was cold. He ordered her to get undressed, to remove everything except her thong. He had no idea how truly self-conscious she was. He sensed her hesitation and proceeded to undress her himself, teasing her by saying that he hadn’t planned on doing all the work himself. Once undressed she stood in front of him with her arms crossed against her chest. All the office lights were off except for a small lamp by the main entrance. This provided just enough light into the board room.

Once positioned, bent over the oak table with legs spread apart, the session began. Each implement he had packed was introduced to her delicate bottom. The sensations rang out. The heat and fire spread throughout her as he worked her bottom over for a good hour. She was embarrassed as her excitement “tell tales” dripped onto the carpet below. He had brought her to the edge then finally sent her over it. She cried out in the throes of passion. She was beyond the point of no return as she climaxed, soaking his hand.

Before redressing and heading home she honored him by allowing him one photograph of her freshly spanked bottom.

Once home safe and sound and ready for bed her cell phone pinged. He was just checking on her, making sure that she was ok with everything they had shared tonight in his office. Once satisfied he left her a final text, “Maybe some nice parallel welts could be in store in the future…….”

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Please welcome Kayla Lords with her first guest post. She says she started her blog because she wanted to learn how to cum and to do that, she needed to masturbate, which she also had to learn how to do. Her blog focuses on many things now, from Dominance and submission to erotica, from masturbation to trying to make it as a single mom. When she thought about her blog and how she’d want to represent it to a new audience, she felt she had to go with the topic that started it all – masturbation. Thank you, Kayla, for sharing this story with us.


The first time I cum is simply a warm-up. Heat emanates from deep inside, a sticky wet heat.

One finger, then two, hooked, pressing into my g-spot. I feel the pressure building, the desire rising. My hips raise off the bed to meet my hand. It’s right there, the orgasm. A stroke, two, more of my clit, and my body convulses. The orgasm takes my breath away.

My hand never leaves my lips. A moment passes; I dip my finger in. Soaked in my own sweet, creamy cum, I smile. Time for number two.

I touch my clit, basking in the slick feel of my own fluids. My finger glides over it effortlessly. That soft touch sends sparks shooting through my body. Circling, over and over again, I pant and whimper into the dark room. The next orgasm begins to build. The pressure overwhelms me as I frantically rub my clit. I thrust my pelvis forward as I gush and squirt into my hand, splashing my thighs.

Never satisfied, I need more.

Lightly, I circle my clit, barely touching it. I moan at the burning desire filling my body. My finger skims across the peak at the top of my clit. Barely, barely touching it. I whisper, “Oh, oh, oh” with each circle I make. The desire simmers beneath the surface, rising slowly, inch by inch.

Lacking in patience, I swirl my fingers across the slick hood, pressing down fiercely. I feel the release deep within me as my body shakes and quivers from the force of my orgasm.

I pull my fingers out of my cunt, smiling at the milky oozings I’ve created. If not for the need of sleep, I would keep going.

I am insatiable.

Blog: http://kaylalords.wordpress.com Http://kaylalords.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/KaylaLords

Tumblr: http://a-sexual-being.tumblr.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/submissivekaylalords

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