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Ailsa rose to her feet, shivering. Something in the dragon’s voice made Ailsa wonder if it already had. She gazed at him, then walked to the crystalline fountain and knelt down. She leaned forward and braced herself against one hand, her bare rump in the air. She scooped some fresh water and sipped at it. It was cool, with a faint, refreshing mineral taste.

“This water is really good.” She scooped up some more, eager to quench her nervous thirst. She slurped it and glanced back at the dragon. He was staring at her, so she eased her rump higher into the air, parting her knees. “Enjoying the view, dragon?”

“Yes, Ailsa, I am.” The dragon rumbled, his tail swaying behind him.

Ailsa grinned. “So you were listening. Are you going to tell me your name, too?”

“Only if you promise to moan it for me later.”

Ailsa’s blue-green eyes widened. “Promise. What’s your name?”


Ailsa worked the dragon’s name over her tongue as if tasting unfamiliar food. “I’m not sure I can pronounce that. Maybe I’ll just moan like this.” She ran a hand over her belly and down between her thighs till she knew the dragon could see her fingers roaming her folds. “Ooooooooh, Vaaaaaar.”

“That is acceptable.” The dragon’s eyes fixed upon her wandering fingers.

“Good.” Ailsa gazed back at the dragon. She had to sell her role, right? Might as well have some fun with it. She rolled her hips a little, working herself against her own fingers. As the dragon stared, she parted herself, moaning under her breath. From her vantage, she had a clear view along the dragon’s underbelly. A hint of red peeked from the dragon’s fleshy black sheath. “I guess you do like what you see.”

The dragon curled his long neck to gaze under his belly. “If you tease me into arousal, you’re going to have to tend me.”

“That’s why I’m here.” Ailsa swayed her hips, smiling. “Shall I demonstrate?” May as well get the first time over with and earn his trust. “Prove I’m the right woman for you?”

“Seems wise.” The dragon’s crimson tool poked out a little more. “Get in the tub and I shall join you.”

“Good.” That’s right, King Ugly. Buy into it. “I have to admit, I’m curious to see what’s hiding in that tube thing.”

That was a lie. Well, it had a hint of truth. Maybe more than a hint. …So she wanted to see the damn thing. Big deal. How many chances would she get to see a dragon’s penis?

Varcorak scrunched his muzzle. “Tube thing? We call it a sheath.” Varcorak smirked at Ailsa, spines lifted. “Your curiosity is expected. Dragons are magnificent. Now get in the water.”

Smug bastard. Ailsa bit back a retort about her boot and his magnificent balls as she eased down the white marble ledge into the pool. The cool water was refreshing after the humidity of the swamp. The dragon followed her to the water and climbed into the deep end of the pool. His bulk sent waves crashing over Ailsa.

“Watch it!” Ailsa wiped water from her face, coughing.

“Consider yourself washed.” The half-submerged dragon growled laughter, then peered at the clouds, water running down his scales. “It will storm soon.”

Ailsa rubbed at her skin, working away sweat and mud. She should have brought a cloth. She glanced at the sky, still dreary and gray, but she hadn’t heard thunder lately. “How do you know?”

“The swamp told me.” Varcorak swiveled his ears, listening to unheard voices.

Ailsa rolled her eyes. Maybe King Ugly’s kitchen was missing a few pans. Fine by her, it was easier to fool a dimwit. She dunked herself, rinsed her black hair, then surfaced and wrung it out. Cool water dripped down her body. With the dragon watching, she ran her hands across her breasts, her nipples firm.

“Then I’d best tend you now.” Ailsa beckoned him with a finger.

The dragon sloshed into the shallows. Waves rolled away from his scaly body. “Have you washed off your perfume stink?”

No wonder he lacked for companionship.

Ignoring his question, Ailsa walked around the dragon, exploring the textures of his body. The scales were firm and pebbly upon his shoulder, broader and smoother across his side. His wing membrane was like soft, warmth leather. She danced her fingers down the back of his green-speckled tail, then beneath it. Ailsa’s palm glided towards the softer areas of Varcorak’s body. Ailsa moved her hand, caressing the pebbly scales on the dragon’s inner thigh. Soft, warm skin brushed the back of her hand.

“You may play with my balls, if you wish.” Varcorak gazed back at her.

Ailsa blinked, smirking. Nothing set the mood like draconic bluntness. Made it easy to play the eager companion. “I do.”

The dragon tucked his tail aside, exposing his ebon testicles. The dragon’s scrotum had no scales, only soft black skin. Thanks to the cool water, Varcorak’s balls were snug and outlined in ebony. Ailsa put her hands on either side of them, teasing the area where pebbly scales gave way to soft skin. Soon she cupped the dragon’s balls in both palms.

Varcorak gave a throaty groan that made Ailsa smile. Stupid dragon already trusted her enough to let her hold his nuts. This was going to be easy. A shame she wouldn’t really get to tie him up, she felt a little empowered holding a dragon by the balls.

“Hell of a set you’ve got, dragon.”

“Thank you.” The dragon rumbled, pushing himself against her hands.

Aww. The big, horny dragon wanted to be played with. How cute. Ailsa rolled the dragon’s testicles around. She lifted one, silhouetting its fat oval shape against the ebony sac. Given treasure was at stake, Ailsa decided to go all out. She brushed her lips across the back of the dragon’s scrotum, felt the eggs inside shift.

Ailsa kissed each ball. They tightened and the dragon shuddered. Ailsa flicked her tongue out, and when Varcorak gasped, Ailsa swirled her tongue across his scrotum. She sucked the dragon’s sac, massaging the beast’s testicles. Glimpses of the red flesh growing beyond them made her curious.

Ailsa released him and waded to the dragon’s head. “Can you change positions?”

In response, Varcorak nuzzled Ailsa’s naked body. Scales brushed her stomach, and the dragon’s tongue flicked across her mound. Ailsa gasped and put her hands on Varcorak’s snout. The dragon pushed her with his muzzle. Hot breath washed across the lips of her sex. Ailsa stepped back, and the dragon pushed her again until she was trapped against the stony corner of the tub. Water sloshed around her thighs.

Varcorak wedged his muzzle against Ailsa’s crotch. Ailsa rose to her tip toes. Waves washed around her and crashed against the white stone. The dragon’s tongue parted her folds with blissful heat. Ailsa sucked in a breath as his tongue rose, warm velvet washing across her clit. Ailsa fought the urge to cry out even as her trembling body betrayed her, begging for more. The wet velvet heat rose over her belly, up between her breasts.

Varcorak’s bronze eyes were all shining smugness. “My muzzle fits nicely between your hind limbs. You shall moan my name later. Now tend me as promised.”

The dragon rose onto his hind legs and set his forepaws on the ledge behind Ailsa. The swamp dragon was fully displayed before her, his erection a crimson spear jutting beneath his belly. Ailsa stared at it, eyes wide. What had she gotten herself into? It was bigger than her forearm. The organ was lightly arched and smooth save for the fleshy ridges encircling its thick base. It was dark red, and tapered to a point like a weapon he’d drive into a female’s softest areas until she was defeated.

Then again, that described some of the better sex she’d had.

“Good lord, Dragon.” Ailsa set a hand on the dragon’s belly. Old scars littered his pebbly-scaled hide. “You’re not so much endowed as you are equipped for war.”

The dragon laughed, his erection bobbling. “I’ve used it for a conquest or two.”

Ailsa heard the dragon’s breath catch when she brushed her fingers down his shaft. The whole organ had the same slippery, silken texture as the glans of a man. The dragon’s penis had no head, just a minor flare behind the tip. Ailsa circled her fingers around the tapered point. It was like holding freshly forged steel, smooth and hard. Ailsa danced her fingers to the ridges that wrapped its thick base. When she played her fingers across them, the dragon groaned and trembled.

Ailsa wet her hands and entwined them around the dragon’s cock. She stroked him and the beast gasped and rocked his hips, thrusting like an overeager hound. Ailsa pumped her hands and the dragon thrust harder. His balls swayed, water splashed around him.

Ailsa moved to enclose the dragon’s pointed tip in one hand. That made it easier to give him smooth strokes that matched his thrusts. She pumped her arm, her wet hand sliding back and forth across the dragon’s slippery flesh. Ailsa marveled at his heat and myriad textures. Varcorak’s balls swayed and Ailsa cupped them in her free hand best she could. Encouraged by the moans and grunts she coaxed from the dragon, Ailsa stroked him harder, faster, rolled his balls around her hand.

At the end of each stroke, the dragon’s spear-flare peeked out from her grasp like a red hooded prisoner. When Ailsa eased her strokes, the dragon stopped thrusting. Ailsa held his member still, lowering her head to his tip. For a moment Ailsa just stared at it, scarcely able to believe she was holding a dragon’s cock in her hand.

“Hold still for me, Var.” The things she did for treasure.

Ailsa brushed her lips against his captive point. The dragon gasped. Good. She may as well give the beast something to remember other than being robbed blind. Ailsa parted her lips and pushed her mouth around him. When Ailsa swirled her tongue around the dragon’s tip, he crooned and tensed. Ailsa twisted her tongue again, and gave the rest of his mating tool a slow stroke.

The dragon’s mild taste was a pleasant surprise, little stronger than the faint saltiness of freshly-washed human skin. Ailsa bobbed her head, working her mouth over the apex of Varcorak’s cock. His pointed design made it easy for her to twirl her tongue around him when she pulled back. The beast grunted and groaned with her every movement.

The woman took more of the dragon into her mouth, sucking. She bobbed her head faster, slurping at the dragon. She stroked the rest of him in time with her head, massaged the beast’s balls with her other hand. The dragon curled his long neck under himself to watch. Typical male.

Ailsa slowed her pace, taking her time as she went down on the dragon. Her hands roamed him, stroking in unison, or toying with the dragon’s nuts. She sucked just his tip for a time, then took as much of him as she dared. She bobbed her head as slowly as she could. When the dragon groaned louder, she repeated that motion a few times.

The dragon’s mating tool throbbed, a spurt of hot liquid splattered Ailsa’s throat. It tasted stronger than his skin but no more so than a man. Ailsa eased her head back, let her lips pop off his pointed shaft. She licked him a few times. More dragon pre dribbled from the slit at the end of his tapered tip. Ailsa stroked it down his member, licking his tip. He hissed in pleasure, and Ailsa glanced at his face. His ears were splayed, eyes half lidded. His muzzle hung open.

“That feel good, Dragon?” Ailsa dragged her hot tongue over his sensitive skin while the beast watched.

“Yesssssss.” The dragon hissed again, his tail curling in the water.

“Good.” Ailsa parted her lips and took him in her mouth again. She bobbed her head a few times and swirled her tongue, watching the way it made his bronze eyes roll back and ears twist. Then she eased her mouth away and grinned at the dragon. She twined a single finger and thumb just behind his point, gave him a lazy stroke. “You seem kinda close. Want me to tease you, or finish you off?”

Varcorak licked his nose, his brassy voice shaking with pleasure. “I wish to release my seed before the storm. Later, I shall give you pleasure in return.”

“Sit back, then.” Ailsa gave him some room. “I have an idea.”

Varcorak settled onto his haunches, his erection jutting up from the water. His draconic balls floated beneath it. Ailsa knelt before the dragon, took him in a hand and guided him between her breasts. She flexed her shoulders to trap him there. The soft warmth made the dragon groan. The pebbly scales of his underbelly brushed her hardened nipples. The dragon’s cock was hot and slick against her skin, tapered tip erupting from her cleavage. Ailsa slipped her hands under the water, wrapped them around his ridges, squeezing in silent encouragement.

Varcorak lifted himself, thrusting up between Ailsa’s tits. Ailsa worked her body to stroke the dragon’s cock between her breasts, his pointed red spear emerging from betwixt them at the end of every motion. His scales rubbed against her nipples, pre-seed dribbled down his length, lubricating her skin. She slipped her hands under the water to stroke his ridges in one hand, roll his balls around the other. The dragon moaned, his horned head lolling, his thrusts frantic. His breath seized in stuttering gasps.

“Cum for me!” Ailsa stroked him harder, hand pounding against his ridges. “Shoot your seed, you wicked beast!

Varcorak snarled as he did just that. His muzzle scrunched, his gold-tipped frills flared. He beat his green-mottled wings, lashed his finned tail against the water. The dragon’s cock jumped and Ailsa realized she was in the line of fire. Time to take one for Team Ailsa.

Ailsa squeezed her eyes shut just as dragon seed blasted her in the face, white-hot and sticky. More thick spurts of it splattered her throat, marked her olive-toned breasts with white blotches. It ran down her fingers as Ailsa kept stroking with hands and body. Only when the dragon slumped with a long, groaning sigh of pure satisfaction did Ailsa release him.

Ailsa slipped out from under Varcorak to wash herself. She glanced at the dragon, grinning. This’d make a hell of a tale. Maybe she’d buy her own tavern to tell it in. Imagine the looks on her patron’s faces when told them where she got the coin.

“Enjoy yourself?”

Varcorak panted, his head hung, his wings limp. “Immensely.”

“Guess that means I get the job.” Ailsa dunked herself to wash her hair. When she surfaced for air, she saw the dragon scrubbing himself with his paws. “You know, we’d get cleaner with soap.”

“Humans brought soap, once.” Varcorak hissed. “It burned my eyes. I found it foul and unnatural.”

“Nothing wrong with a monster who smells nice–” A blinding flash of light tore through the swirling gray clouds and cut Ailsa off. She clapped her hands over her ears just before the tremendous crack of thunder that followed.

Varcorak cringed and pinned his ears back. In an instant, the dragon was out of the tub, shaking droplets from his finned tail. “We are going. Now!”

“Guess you were right about that storm.” Ailsa hauled herself out of the tub, glancing at Varcorak. “You scared of a little lightning?”

Varcorak glared at her. Lightning struck again, and Varcorak pinned his ears in anticipation of the looming thunder. “You should be more concerned whether the swamp and its storm will let you stay.”

Ailsa scrunched her face as she fetched her dress. She wasn’t superstitious but something in the dragon’s words made her skin prickle. “You make it sound as if the swamp has a will of its own.”

“It does.” The dragon tilted his head, gazing at her, bronze eyes narrowed. “I am going inside. Stay here if you wish. Do not expect me to come to your rescue should the swamp turn against you.”



I hope you enjoyed the fourth episode of The Devil’s Deal by D. Wilder. Stay tuned for more episodes all week. You can catch up on episodes you may have missed and see the full schedule along with contact information for D. Wilder here.



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firemen - image from Google

firemen – image from Google

She arrived at her doctor’s office just as the fire alarm started sounding. Just great. Another delay after her previous appointment had been postponed two weeks when her doctor had decided to take a last minute vacation. She was livid! At first she stood outside with the other people from the building then decided her car would offer more comfort and warmth. She sat there, getting more pissed off by the second, until the fire truck arrived.

What was it about firemen that got women so hot and bothered she wondered. Yellow overalls, steel toe boots, and a bright red hat. It doesn’t sound like a well dressed combination, yet somehow it is one of the biggest turn ons for many women. Maybe it is the protector aspect of what they do. They are big and strong and courageous. They put out fires, rescue people and save lives. You really can’t help but swoon over someone like that, risking their lives in a matter of fact way to protect your life. Yes she thought, that was it.

Half a dozen or more firemen descended from the truck clad in their bunker gear and helmets. She wasn’t quite so livid all of a sudden. As she watched them ready themselves to enter the building she felt a flush and heat began to build within her. Her breathing became shallow and her nipples perked up. She brushed a hand across one nipple giving it a little tweak. Then she slid her hand inside her shirt, and cupping the soft flesh of her breast she pinched her nipple between her fingers. Again, again, she pinched it hard.

Her eyes still on the firemen and hand still at her breast, she moved her other hand down between her legs. She was protected by vehicles on each side of her but she didn’t care. Her finger reached her clit and it was like an electric shock went through her. Her breath caught. The heat between her legs brought a sweet wetness. She pushed a finger inside, moving her hips against the motion, her thumb rubbing her clit. She opened her legs and inched her bum towards the edge of the seat, her skirt now up around her waist.

She pushed her finger in again, then a second. She wanted to be filled, to feel the pressure of a large cock inside her. What she really wanted was for one of those firemen to come offer her some help, to lean her back on the hood of the car and fuck her right there with his gear on, his pants turned out and his cock deep inside her. The thought was propelling her as she fucked herself with her own fingers, her hips moving up to meet them.

Her other hand was still inside her shirt. She pinched her nipple again, not too hard but enough to cause her cunt to pulse and react. She could feel her juices covering her hand. She could smell herself, her hot horny cunt, and it completely turned her on. She was ready. As she drove her fingers inside her cunt she gave her nipple a hard pinch and twist. Her back ached then her hips pushed forward and she showered the floor of her car with a wetness all her own.

She leaned back in the seat with her eyes closed, her hands came out of their intimate places to rest on either side of her, and her shallow breathing soon became deeper and more regular. After a few minutes she opened her eyes and adjusted herself. Thankful she had worn a long skirt today she grabbed her purse and got out of the car. She was a little wobbly on her feet at first and couldn’t quite focus. Looking around she noticed that the people had all gone back into the building and the alarm was no longer going off. She smoothed her skirt and her hair and walked into the building.

Opening the front door she saw that several firemen were still in the lobby. As she walked past she couldn’t help but giggle.




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My day started with several self given orgasms. It began with a delicious creamy one, ended with an exquisite squirty one, and contained many more equally enjoyable ones in between.

All but one of the many were vaginal orgasms today. This isn’t rare, as I do orgasm from both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, but it is a rare occurrence when I masturbate. I do enjoy playing with insertables but it’s my clit that usually gets me off when I masturbate, occasionally my nipples, but usually my clit. The insertables are more about giving me a full feeling while I toy with my clit because an empty cunt doesn’t like to cum, at least mine doesn’t.

I awoke, already aroused and wet. My nipples were taut and sensitive. I could feel ever fiber of the light bed sheet as it grazed my nipples when I moved. It did little to ease my desire. Why fight it? I pulled the sheet aside and pinched my nipple, sending currents of electric passion to my cunt. It’s wetness grew with every pinch and twist and pull. I started to move my hand down between my legs, to feel the wetness that had grown, but I stopped. I wanted more than my own hand.

I didn’t just want to get off this morning, I wanted to fuck. I wanted to feel a big, hard cock inside me. I wanted to ride it, to feel it deep inside of me, to feel the swollen head as it slid all the way out before pushing deep inside again. I wanted to feel a real cock pounding into me, being rough and forceful and mixing that pleasure with the aching pain of having the cock hitting those places deep up inside of me.

That wasn’t to be though. No man, no real cock today. Just me, and my toys.

I pulled the big blue beast out of it’s home in my bedside table and rubbed it between my legs for a moment. I felt my wetness coating it as I moved it back and forth. Even my clit throbbed at it’s hardness. I knew laying there and pushing it in wasn’t going to be enough. It just wouldn’t do. I got up, and putting the big blue beast between my legs, I slowly sat down on the edge of the bed. I felt the head penetrate my soft opening as I moved and the shaft slowly disappeared inside of me. I pushed down on it until I felt the tip deep up inside of me then I raised my hips, my cunt sliding up the shaft until the tip came out but still pressed against my opening. I then bore down, feeling it push against my swelling pussy and fill me up before raising my hips again. Many more times, up and down, fucking the big blue beast before the wave crashed and the first white, creamy orgasm escaped me.

I was still hot and horny for more. Super horny. Hornier than I recall being in a very long time. I don’t know if it was hormones or what, but if I could learn to harvest that super horny state of being I’d be the richest woman in the world. I began riding the big blue beast again. This time I pinched and tugged at my nipples. Moments later another orgasm. I didn’t stop. I couldn’t. I kept riding it until more orgasms spilled out of me, one after another after another. There was a continuous supply of orgasms that were eager for release and I wasn’t about to stop them.

Many orgasms later I lay on my bed. My mouth dry, my skin glistening with sweat, my nipples hard and aching, and my cunt still shuddering and twitching from it’s multiple orgasms. My cunt still wanted more though. It still wanted the biggest release. Even as the orgasms were flowing there was still one that was continuing to build inside of me. I could not ignore my clit any longer.

I pulled another toy from the drawer of my bedside table. This one was meant to stay in as I played with my clit. I did not have it in me to concentrate on holding the big blue beast in with one hand while rubbing one out with the other and denying my desire to grab and pull at the pillow or mattress as I came one more time. Two hands just would not suffice in such a situation.

I spread my lips and inserted the new toy. There was no resistance. My hot and plentiful juices that had been flowing made insertion easy. With my lips still spread and the toy securely inserted I moved my right hand to my clit. It was swollen and tender. I dragged some of my slick juices up to my clit and began slowly rubbing it in a circular fashion. My touch was light but the familiar sensation that I was about to explode came quickly. As it did my touch became firmer and faster, my hips moved and began to fuck the air, and my quick breaths came with moans begging for release. As I begged with my body and my moans it came. The giant tidal wave that had been building came crashing down all around me and I felt as though it were washing me out to sea as the contractions pushed more than the toy out of me. The tidal wave brought a massive squirting orgasm that soaked me, the bed, and parts of the floor. It left my body a quivering mess incapable of any comprehendible thought or word.






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