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Very Inspiring Blogger

I have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, not just once, but four times in the past month (okay, it’s been more than a month now, but I did start this post a while ago). WOW!! To merely say I am honoured would not begin to tell you how I feel about these honours. I am still surprised to find that anyone reads my little blog most days, let alone be inspired by it. To the following people who nominated me, I give a warm and heartfelt thank you. You are each bloggers who also inspire me. Thank you!

1. Marie Rebelle at Rebel’s Notes
2. Plumptious Pea at Plumptious Pea’s Pod
3. Stranded at Stranded In Toronto
4. Mia at Mia’s Musings
*You can read more about these four lovely bloggers below


If you know me at all you know that I like to know the answers to the “Who, what, why, when, and where?” of things. I tried looking for the origins of this award and could not find anything. Even one blog that promised the origins of the award gave me nothing. I suppose the origin will have to remain a mystery. Regardless of who started it and the thought process behind it, I am touched that somebody thought enough to nominate me.

The Rules for accepting the Award:
1. Thank the person who nominated me and link back to them
2. Display the award logo on your blog
3. Share 7 things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the awards requirements

7 Things About Me:

I assume these are meant to be things most of you wouldn’t already know. Considering I do write personal information on my blog and have already done the ABC’s & 123’s of me, I don’t know what will lay ahead. Here goes…
1. My first pet was a snow-white husky named Buffy.
2. I make a pot of soup every week, even in the summer.
3. I have never given a speech or presentation in front of a group of people, ever. Even for presentations in school I always declined and took a zero grade. I am working on this, specifically I was asked to give a speech at my brother’s wedding in May. I believe a large quantity of alcohol may need to be consumed beforehand.
4. At 38, I was the oldest woman in my family, on both my Mother’s and Father’s sides, to ever have a child. My parents became grandparents before they were my age. We are Newfies, they start young.
5. I have certificates in copy editing, accounting and natural heath. A study in contrasts indeed!
6. I almost died from an allergic reaction to a Durango cooler.
7. I nearly chopped my twin brother’s finger off on a dare. There was an ax and a chopping block involved. I was 6.

My Nominations:
There are so many bloggers who inspire me. Keeping it at fifteen was tough. I first thought of doing two posts, one for the erotica bloggers and one for everyone else, but then just decided to keep it at fifteen overall. These bloggers have inspired me in different ways and for a multitude of reasons, but none is any more important than another. I could never say enough about each of them. Take a look and see what inspiration you may find.

1. Blissful Basil – Ashley is a “vegetarian foodie.” I was initially brought to her site by her Patience is a Lavender Macaron recipe and recently fell in love with her S’mores Smoothie. How could I not? It has marshmallow fluff in it! @BlissfulBasil

2. Cammies On The Floor – Two sisters telling tales of love and lust. One is married to a military man, the other single in a military town. Until Thursday was the first post I read. I’ve been addicted ever since. @cammiesonfloor

3. Canadian Hiking Photography – Patrick Latter describes himself as a programmer with a passion for all things photography and hiking. You can see the passion in his photographs. He has taken some breathtaking photos of our beautiful country and shares his hiking adventure stories with us as well. @PatrickLatter

4. Curvaceous Dee – Dee is an absolute delight. She is confident, funny, personable, and sexy. Oh, and quite adventurous if her Scavenger Hunt is any indication. She inspires me to let go of my inhibitions, to be confident in who I am, in the body I have now. @CurvaceousDee

5. Dragon’s Kink – Kazi, oh Kazi, what can I say about her. She is one of those people who is honest and straight forward and open about most everything. I love that about her. Her sense of humour always comes shining through. Kazi is one of those I wish were my neighbour so I could stop by for a tea and maybe a session in her dungeon. 😉 @kaziGrrl

6. Fridayam’s Erotica – I first met Steve through Twitter. 140 characters are sometimes all you need to paint a picture, tell a story, touch someone’s heart. I was delighted to find some poetry on his blog that go beyond the 140 character Twitter limit. Wine with Water was my first read, I hope my last is a long way off. @Fridayam1

7. Just Call Me Frank – I also first met Frankie on Twitter and have since became quite addicted to their blog. They began writing as a kind of therapy, trying to make sense of their collective life. Another very smart and witty blog which I find inspiring in so many ways. @JustCallMeFrank

8. Mia’s Musings – I was first introduced to Mia through a Wicked Wednesday post, Masochistic Nipples. It was nice to read that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way about her nipples and what playing with them hard could do.  Her Fellatio Project is on the list of projects I wish to contribute to this year. @Mistress_Mia_

9. Molly’s Daily Kiss – Molly is another blogger who I have grown very fond of. She shows such frank honesty and integrity. There is a reason she is UK’s top sex blogger. In addition to the tremendously popular Sinful Sunday meme, she also runs the Pussy Pride Project, another project I wish to contribute to this year. @Mollysdailykiss

10. Plumptious Pea’s Pod – I love Pea! She is poetic not only in words, but with her images and recordings as well. Everything she writes is touching, truly, and yet my favorite posts are her erotic aurals. You must go take a listen if you have never heard her lilting voice speak to you. @PlumptiousPea

11. Princess and I – Franco Bolli’s blog is honest and forthright and touching. He tells us of his love for Princess, moments of his life with her. He shares not only beautiful intimate moments, but also tells us of the struggles they face as well. His blog reads like a diary, a diary of a man in love.

12. Rachel Kincaid – Rachel is a wonderful story teller. She writes erotica that pushes you, that inspires you to see beyond the typical young hot bodies sweating it up in the sheets. The first post of hers I read was Tender is the Night. A beautiful and heartbreaking story, it left me in tears. That was a good thing. She continues to push the limits of erotica in all the right ways. @rachelkincaid4

13. Rebel’s Notes – Marie Rebelle shares her journey and adventures as a submissive woman in a loving relationship. She always has a supportive and kind word for all of us bloggers. Her Wicked Wednesday meme is a wonderful weekly collection of sexy and provocative stories submitted by bloggers around the world.  @RebelsNotes

14. Rollings Reliable – Olivia blogs about life, geekery, yoga, etc. and throws a delicious recipe in there to go along with it all. With posts such as SciFriday and the Feminist Mys-Quiche, Horny as a Goat Tacos, and Delicious RIB-ulations of a Zombie Rising, how can one not me intrigued? @OliviaYoungers

15. Stranded In Toronto – Chris is the person who got me back into writing last year. My very first post was written for his blog. He too has a Fellatio Project, to which I have already contributed one story. I was sad when he killed off my favorite character earlier this year. No more Cross. <sniff> He has a full collection of stories and characters, but my favorite single post of his is Drip. @Stranded_in_to

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