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“If I could take away his pain… If there was a way to transfer it from his soul onto mine. I would take it. Without hesitation I would take it all. Maybe that’s how you know you love someone. When you actually feel each tear they cry as if they were your own. When you feel each cut, each bruise, each hit as if you’re the one suffering.”
~ Rachel Van Dyken, Toxic


A final look at the bruising that came after last week’s play at the dungeon. You can see other pictures here.

Sinful Sunday

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I had a great session on the spanking bench Saturday night. I was nervous at first, being in the middle of the dungeon with a lot of people around, but Daddy has a great way of connecting and comforting you before he plays. When I finally knelt and lay across the bench my rear end was naked and eager. I quickly forgot about everyone else there.


I had mentioned to him how I was kind of disappointed there were no marks after the last flogging so he didn’t do his usual warm up on me. He started off with a beautiful long suede flogger then came another, and another, gradually getting harder as he went along.


Next came the cane, the crop, his bare hand, and the vampire gloves. My ass was left hot and blushing, my head light and happy.


A day later and the bruising started. A little tender but not too bad. An Epsom salts bath and some recovery cream were in order.


Another day and the bruises are growing. I find the little spots from the vampire gloves quite exquisite, like freckles across my skin.


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What do you wear to a dungeon? Something black and sexy of course. What you wear over the sexy stuff doesn’t much matter but I wore a very simple and little black dress.

I tried this sexy number. It fit the bill, but it wasn’t quite right.

black lace bra

Then I tried this one and it was the keeper.

blue with bling

I spent some time with my friend, The Big Mean Sadist, and he gave me a few pretty souvenirs to take home. I understand it may be too graphic for some, so rather than post them openly you can click on the photos above to view photos that were taken shortly afterwards (the top photo) then one from this morning (the bottom photo).


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Dungeons and Dommes

I am off to a party this evening.

It’s someone’s birthday, but it isn’t a birthday party. She will be handing out spankings though.

There will be plenty of ladies, but not ladies of the night. Dommes who will happily put you in your slave boy place.

There will be food, but not hot dogs. The wieners and buns will be body parts out for play.

There will be party favours, but not those little loot bags you’re used to. Here will be cuffs and collars and corsets, whips and floggers and crops.

There will be shoes and rugs, but the rugs will be human. Foot fetishists to lick your toes and suck your heels.

There will be men and women, subs and slaves, Doms and Dommes, and a variety of sexy kinksters.

This is a house party, but the house has a dungeon with plenty of toys to play with.

I’m going to a party this evening.

What the hell do I wear?

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