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A guest post from Mystic. She describes herself as a submissive tomboi and blogs “submissive insane lesbian ramblings.” Check out her blog, Mystic’s Mind Fuck, or on twitter @mysticlez218. This is a piece previously posted on her blog but submitted for posting here as well.

I excused myself from the crowd of friends who had gathered around me to get some air outside. I love my friends but tonight I was just feeling restless for some reason. As if there was something churning inside me that I just couldn’t find a way to let out.

I let out a deep sigh as I walked around the outside of the bar to the back alley in order to avoid any crowd. As I leaned against the wall and pulled out a cigarette, a dark form started walking in my direction. My eyes strained to see who it was when her dark form was silhouetted by the nearby street lamp. Her beauty took my breath away. Her long dark hair accented her nicely formed curves. She wore tight jeans and a cut off shirt to conceal yet tease you for more. My legs shook as I tried to remain cool as to her presence. I could not seem to get my cigarette lit from my hands shaking and as I glanced down to pull myself together, a light blinded me and I realized she was now standing right in front of me. I pulled myself forward to meet my cigarette with her lighter and was overwhelmed by her sweet aroma.

I was going to say thanks when our eyes locked and I found myself entranced by her eyes. She moved in closer and I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I was frozen in place as her hand moved up to my face and she caressed my cheek. I tried to mutter something but it caught in my throat as her hand moved to the back of my hair and she leaned in against me.

Firmly, but ever so sensually, she grasped a handful of my hair and pressed her lips into mine. Her tongue found mine and I could feel my legs go weak. She must have felt me give in as well as her other hand braced my hips. Thoughts raced through my mind of how insane I was being but my body kept responding and I found that I had no control. As the kiss deepened and I felt myself responding her hands began to caress my back and down onto my ass. I could feel the wetness growing intensely between my legs as her hands found their way up and down my body, teasing me.

Finally giving into my need, I wrapped my arms around her waist as she unzipped my jeans and ran her hand down over my already dripping wet smooth shaven pussy. A gasp of ecstasy slipped forth from my lips as her fingers found its way inside me. Her touch was rough yet sensuous as I could feel myself stretching tightly around her fingers yet the wetness between my legs indicated my need for her. I dug my nails into her back as she began pumping intensely in and out of my wetness, demanding to have me there and then. I could feel her arm slip under my hips as she pulled me up onto her, pressing me between the wall and her body. I wrapped my legs up around her waist as she shoved her fingers deeper and deeper into my pussy while taking her thumb and rubbing my clit.

A scream filled with a mixture of pain and pure pleasure escaped from me as I came intensely over her hand and collapsed into her arms. I was trembling from orgasm and could not find the words to say when she whispered in my ear, “let’s go to my place and I’ll show you more.”

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