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Naughty Vixen

Vixen is a naughty one. She may just be the kinkiest reindeer of all.



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My Arse… Again

I thought I’d share some more of my arse today. I know, you may want to just look away now.

Several months ago I went to a party where I was the lucky recipient of a good flogging. I posted about it here previously. I enjoyed the experience and would do it again (many, many times over), but one thing left me disappointed. The pictures were all ones I had taken myself. It would have been nice to have some that were not quite so up close, some with more perspective. I had asked Daddy to take some pictures but they came out horribly, at least to me. I can be quite negative and extremely picky about the pictures I actually like of myself, though that doesn’t always stop me from posting them.

This is one of the pictures Daddy took of me. I don’t like the arch of my back, or the cellulite, but what I didn’t like most of all was the lighting and utilitarian nature of it. I asked him to take some pictures of my arse and that’s exactly what he did. I didn’t ask him to take pretty pictures of my arse. I didn’t ask him to take pictures to show the beautiful blush from the flogger or the marks from the vampire glove.



After seeing the pictures that had been taken I was able to get a more artsy one that I quite liked. It still showed some of the blush and the bruising that had started, but it also showed off a nice round, pretty bum. The same concept as above, a picture of my arse, but just with a different eye.



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MKINYK. My kink is not your kink. Most people say it the other way, your kink is not my kink, or YKINMK. I say mine isn’t yours because mine is what I know about. I don’t know what your kink is. Maybe it is my kink, but likely it isn’t because you’ve never mentioned it to me or taken any interest in mine. Well, in some of mine. You’re probably all about some of them, since many are, but because they are so common place it isn’t really much topic for discussion either.

Is there a point when a kink becomes vanilla? There must be. I mean, some people consider having sex in any position other than missionary kinky. I used to think doggy style was uber kinky (yeah, I was young and naïve ok, give me a break). Now it’s just another position. I used to never suck cock. Never. Ever. I know, you’re shocked. It’s ok, I do it during most sexual encounters now a days. It is quite rare for me not to actually. So although I did consider it a kink at one time I don’t anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it excites the hell out of me, but it isn’t something I would consider a kink. To me it is basically a vanilla activity. I can kink it up though. I can use my fingers, tongue, teeth, even fruit, to add to the basic blowjob technique. You’ve never tried fruit? Come over I’ll demonstrate some time.

Some people consider anal sex to be a kink, either wanting to give it or receive it. Taboo might be another word used to describe it. Although many people do it, there is still a vast majority of people who won’t, or do but just won’t admit it. I quite enjoy it but I don’t do it all the time. For me it is a kink. It isn’t the idea of a nice hard cock in my ass that’s the kinky part. It’s the moment of penetration, the first deep push, when the pain mingles with the pleasure. That’s the kink factor for me, that I love those moments.

My biggest kink, you ask? I’m not sure, probably wax play. I know this isn’t your kink, otherwise you would have obliged me by now. It isn’t something the majority do and there is a pain factor to it. A hot,IMG_4152 soothing, exciting pain. It is definitely a kink of mine. My multitude of pictures with wax dripping over various parts of my body would attest to that. It is also something I have a hard time finding a partner for. Some of the kinkiest of men still seem to have issue with pouring hot wax on me. If finding a partner is such a difficult task its got to be a kink.

Kink is like anything else. Religion, politics, the meaning of life, how you get the caramel inside the Caramilk bar. If we all had the same opinions and experiences what would there be to discuss or learn? I enjoy a good flogging but it isn’t a kink of mine, not yet. I could take it or leave it. It hasn’t sent me to subspace, or even got me close. I actually find myself thinking all sort of odd things when I am being flogged. It’s not my kink but it is a kink of many of my friends. It is a kink of the man who’s flogged me. I like watching him show others techniques to be better at flogging. I like watching someone get flogged. I like learning the differences between floggers and whips and the materials they can be made of. These things interest me and I wouldn’t have known anything about them if it wasn’t for somebody else’s kink.

Being dominant is far from being my kink. A strong, capable Dom is super sexy to me. Sub or slave men are something I don’t quite understand as I consider my role to be the submissive. I was at a party a while back that catered to submissive men. It was interesting to see the variations of their kinks and their submissive or slave natures. At one point two of them were told to worship my feet. It felt nice, but I couldn’t get over the fact that they were kneeling at my feet, massaging and licking, and asking if they were pleasing Mistress. I am no Mistress. That part of it made me feel uncomfortable. Daddy (not my Daddy, I don’t have one) came over and asked me if I would like to fuck one of them. No, was my quick response. Later when he asked me why I had to admit that I like big Domly men and that man isn’t one. He is a nice enough guy, but that just isn’t my kink. It’s fine for him and the women who like it, it just isn’t for me.

MKINYK, YKINMK, and thank heavens it’s not! We’d be a very dull bunch if we all liked the same things now wouldn’t we? Imagine going out to a party where everyone wanted to be bent over a spanking stool. Who would spank them? We’d all be there lining up to be the one getting spanked!



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“If I could take away his pain… If there was a way to transfer it from his soul onto mine. I would take it. Without hesitation I would take it all. Maybe that’s how you know you love someone. When you actually feel each tear they cry as if they were your own. When you feel each cut, each bruise, each hit as if you’re the one suffering.”
~ Rachel Van Dyken, Toxic


A final look at the bruising that came after last week’s play at the dungeon. You can see other pictures here.

Sinful Sunday

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I had a great session on the spanking bench Saturday night. I was nervous at first, being in the middle of the dungeon with a lot of people around, but Daddy has a great way of connecting and comforting you before he plays. When I finally knelt and lay across the bench my rear end was naked and eager. I quickly forgot about everyone else there.


I had mentioned to him how I was kind of disappointed there were no marks after the last flogging so he didn’t do his usual warm up on me. He started off with a beautiful long suede flogger then came another, and another, gradually getting harder as he went along.


Next came the cane, the crop, his bare hand, and the vampire gloves. My ass was left hot and blushing, my head light and happy.


A day later and the bruising started. A little tender but not too bad. An Epsom salts bath and some recovery cream were in order.


Another day and the bruises are growing. I find the little spots from the vampire gloves quite exquisite, like freckles across my skin.


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