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Tongue in Cheek

This is the shot I was looking for.


This is the one that made me laugh. Can’t help but laugh at it. It was a fun day.

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Sinful Sunday

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One year! Stella Kiink is one year old today! I know this may seem paltry to some of you who have been blogging for years, but for me it’s a big deal. I wasn’t sure I could make it a month let alone a year, and now I am already planning things for the coming year.

When I began blogging it was more of a challenge than a true desire to blog. A friend and I were discussing the merits of 50 Shades of Grey (I know, laugh away), and he said I could do better. After reading it I am sure I could in some respects, but I also know he could do much better if he was so inclined as well. I believe I am a far better editor than I am a writer and the thought of writing a book is quite overwhelming to me at the moment. Editing one can be difficult enough at times. I do hope to write one in the future, but for now my little blog suits me just fine.

I wanted to write something fabulous for Wicked Wednesday, really I did, but being at the cottage the last few days with no internet, along with the problems I’ve been having with WordPress on my phone, it hasn’t quite worked out. I am looking forward to reading everyone else’s dirty talk though. Wasn’t it nice of Marie to have you all talk dirty for me this week? Haha… Maybe I will find some inspiration here for another week.

I thought that today, in honour of my first anniversary blogging as Stella Kiink, I would share a few of my favourite photos from the past year. I hope you enjoy and stick around for year two.






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Play Day

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I couldn’t decide which pics to choose this week, and couldn’t figure out how to do a multiple click-through, so I opted for a slideshow.


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