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What do you wear to a dungeon? Something black and sexy of course. What you wear over the sexy stuff doesn’t much matter but I wore a very simple and little black dress.

I tried this sexy number. It fit the bill, but it wasn’t quite right.

black lace bra

Then I tried this one and it was the keeper.

blue with bling

I spent some time with my friend, The Big Mean Sadist, and he gave me a few pretty souvenirs to take home. I understand it may be too graphic for some, so rather than post them openly you can click on the photos above to view photos that were taken shortly afterwards (the top photo) then one from this morning (the bottom photo).


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TMIT: Delve into the Dungeon

Delve into the Dungeon

Not familiar with a lot of bdsm or kink terms? Click on links and use glossary of terms – click here

You are headed out for a night of kinky exploration in the TMI dungeon… Which are you most likely to do:


1. At the Cock ‘n’ Ball torture (cbt) station, are you more likely to be a sadist doing the ball busting & twisting or are you more likely to have your balls beaten?
I don’t have balls and I’m a masochist not a sadist, so I’d say I am most likely to be a voyeur.

2. The TMI dungeon has a “bedroom” with a window to the world where anyone in the dungeon can watch you having sex. Which will you be, the voyeur watching people have sex or the exhibitionist in the bed getting it on hot ‘n’ heavy?
I’d likely start as a voyeur then turn into the exhibitionist once the watching got me all worked up. I could easily play with people watching if I started and then they began to watch. Going into a room or being on display where people are already waiting for you to start is a whole other story. That is something I don’t think I could do, at least not right now.

3. You need a stereotypical outfit to wear to the dungeon. Which will you wear?
Top:  Spiked collar or leather chest harness? woman and crops
a collar, not spiked though, and depending on what He desires, maybe a leash
Bottom:  Ass-less chaps or leather thong
leather thong… under a sheer skirt or short robe of some sort

4. Time for some impact play. Which would you prefer? Why?  Pick one from each set.
Set 1:  flogger or whip? flogger, because I like the flogger and it can also be used to caress the skin between impacts
Set 2:  paddle or bare-handed spanking? bare hand please and thank you, skin to skin contact, His warm hand, a feeling of connection and intimacy
Set 3:  cane or crop? I’ve not had either. Would it be possible to try both to see what my preference would be?

5. Bondage. You have the choice of being restrained and mercilessly ‘used’ by a fucking machine (pic1, pic2) while others watch or being strapped to St. Andrews cross and touched, groped, tickled, and made to tingle by strangers visiting the dungeon on this evening. What’s your pleasure? Why?

Easy, I chose the St. Andrews Cross with the array of strangers. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, I much prefer human touch and interaction over that of a machine or toy. Second, the same action will elicit a different response or reaction when made by different people. Third, all those hands and mouths (I assume there will be oral contact as well)? I’d be a fool to turn that down. And last but far from least, He would derive much pleasure from watching me, my reactions, to other people.

Would I be blindfolded or would I be able to see the strangers and what they are doing to me? Is there a choice?

Bonus: At work, whom do you most resemble?
a. Dominant/Mistress/Top
b. Submissive/bottom
c. A switch
d. naughty boy/girl aka brat

c. I’d most resemble a switch at work. With my bosses I am more submissive in the sense that I follow their direction and do my job based on what they ask of me. When it comes to my peers and underlings I am more dominant. I develop procedures and train them on how to do their jobs and convey what is expected of them by both myself and my superiors. Middle management is a good place for me.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

TMI Tuesday

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1950’s Style

What we see: Mary is married to Bob. He works at the local credit union and she at the high school. Mary comes home from work each day and cooks a hot dinner for her and Bob. She has his slippers at the door, the day’s paper on the side table of his favorite chair, and Channel 4 news on the television ready for him. A scotch will accompany the paper on days he has indicated one is needed. She has a hot bath each evening before bed then, while her husband has his shower, she lay waiting for him to come take her. Afterward, she will clean him with her mouth before he falls asleep.

What we wonder: Does Mary do those things for Bob because it pleases her to please him? Does she lick him clean because she enjoys it? Or does she play the good little submissive wife because that’s what she’s been taught to do? Does she feel like screaming because she is living a life she does not want? Would she rather greet him when he comes home kneeling naked on the floor with her bare ass to him and have him fuck her from behind with his shoes still on?

What’s their story?

Story 1: Mary was always a good one, a pleaser some might say. Maybe it was the positive reinforcement her parents gave her, maybe it was just her nature, but even as a young child she did best with rules and chores and schedules, with routine. She found comfort in them. She excelled with them. When she didn’t have these things to keep her on track she was a hot mess, and not in a good way. Not just because things would fall apart, but because she took great pride and pleasure in such things. Mary needed her rules and schedules, structure and routine. She needed to know what she did pleased her parents. She didn’t just need these things though, she wanted them, she craved them, she was her best self with them.

In her second year of university Mary met Bob. He had blue eyes, black hair, and a smile that lit up the room. She was attracted to him immediately. He was one of those people who commanded attention, confident and always in control. Everything had a time and place with him. Structure. That may be what she found most attractive. When he asked her out on their first date he already had the whole evening planned. It was what some would call a proper first date. He was respectful. There were no sexual advances, just a soft kiss on her forehead after walking her to her door at the end of the night. Sweet, you might say. After that first date they were practically inseparable. They studied together at the library, met for breakfast in the commissary (6:45 sharp!), and began life together as a couple. They married within the year and bought a little house in town, white picket fence and all.

Things just fell into place. There were no discussions regarding what Bob expected when he came home each evening. He didn’t need to tell Mary what would please him. She instinctively did what he wanted as doing it also pleased her. Their roles came naturally and they complimented each other perfectly. The way Mary tilted her head to him for the kisses he planted on her forehead. The way he let her walk confidently ahead of him so he could admire her, and the pleasure he got from knowing she was his when he observed others admiring her as well. The way she reacted to him casually inquiring, “Time for that bath?” and knowing the meaning behind the simple query. The way she cleaned him up after, enjoying every drop of his sweet saltiness. Yes, they complimented each other very well. They couldn’t have been happier.

Story 2: Bob is so stressed at work. This damn credit union gig is a pain in his ass. He thought he would do more with his life, be further in his career. He had had so much potential. How could it have gone so wrong? He was thankful to have an attentive wife at home. She never gives him a hard time or neglects her duties. She knows her place and never steps beyond it, knowing the consequences of doing so. He has trained her well.

Mary loves her husband, she does, truly, she just wish he were more like the man she first fell in love with. He used to be so fun to be around. That’s it, fun. They used to laugh and enjoy life so much back then. They weren’t stuck in jobs they loathed, they didn’t have a mortgage to make, they had had no responsibilities except to each other. Bob didn’t handle all these life stresses so well. He let them get to him and to compensate he set all these rules to try to control things, to control her. She was expected to be the good little housewife and follow whatever her husband said. They didn’t even talk anymore.

They lead a boring existence. They had pot roast on Sundays, chicken on Mondays, pork chops on Tuesdays… you know the drill. Saturday was open for entertaining purposes. Usually they would dine out but there were some Saturdays when they entertained company at home. Mary didn’t exactly look forward to these occasions but she did enjoy them more than the alternative of getting dressed up and making a fancy show of things that weren’t. When they stayed home could make whatever she wanted, as long as she made it, no ordering out, and Bob usually drank until he passed out. Didn’t matter. She got to relax with some friends and didn’t have to perform what he referred to as her wifely duty.

Their sex life used to be quite active and exciting. Slowly though, over time, it dwindled and morphed into the sadness that it was now. They no longer spent Sunday’s lounging in bed making love. They no longer had that spark, that energy that drew them to each other. Sex had become so boring and routine, something she didn’t care for at all. Now she was expected to bathe each evening and lay there while he used her as a fuck hole. That’s all it was. There was no passion. So sterile it all seemed to her. Sometimes she wanted to scream. Just once she would like him to come home from work, bend her over the hall table and drive his cock into her. Just once. Even that was now too much to ask.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What do you think their story is? If you are inclined to partake in this people watching game, please feel free to add a link to your own story in the comments section. I love hearing how people interpret the same information differently.

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I’ve talked more than enough here recently regarding my relationship with pain and pleasure, so I thought I would share the third part of the Larry series. Click HERE to catch up.

PLEASE NOTE: Yes, this piece is about younger characters. They may have just celebrated prom but they are not minors. Though still technically youths, and under the age of 21, they are well into the legal age of consent. 


That soft leather strapping Sharon had draped around her waist. It was an invitation, he knew it. If he hadn’t, her telling him that she was not wearing panties under her dress certainly was. But panties were easy, it was that leather strapping that had intrigued him more. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on it.

Prom red leather strapwas less than spectacular, as he expected. After dinner, photos, and a few dances Sharon asked if he was ready to get out of there. Hell ya, he thought. He knew what prom night was really all about and he was ready to get the party started. Helping her into the car, Larry brushed his hand across her breasts. Sharon giggled and blushed, but didn’t look away. She is going to be fun, he thought as he put the car in gear.

The old mill was deserted, save the little critters of the night, and the moon cast it’s full glowing light. Larry was glad because he wanted to see Sharon, to watch her reactions. He would have rather been in the comfort of his room, or even a hotel room, but the old car would suffice for now.

As he reached down to untie the leather ribbon from around Sharon’s waist his cock stirred. Feeling the softness of it in his hands his cock hardened instantly. It was exquisite. He lifted the strap and slid it across his upper lip, feeling the softness against his more sensitive skin and letting the smell of it fill him. As he took his time letting the leather slide, winding it around his hands, Sharon sat there watching him. She couldn’t miss the large bulge that had appeared in the front of his pants. It excited her the way the leather excited him.

They sat there a while, Larry consumed by the ribbon of leather, Sharon consumed by thoughts of Larry doing dirty things to her. She had been with boys before and she knew the quiet ones were the more fun ones when it came to all things sexual. The jocks thought all they had to do was show up and the preppy’s were the real virgins of high school. They were consumed with student council, prom, the fall mixer and the like. The quiet ones were the creative types, the brooding ones, who were eager to try all the things they had read and fantasized about and didn’t care whether you were the prom queen or a complete social misfit. They were just happy to have a live, breathing partner. She was that.

Sharon was startled by Larry’s sudden move toward her. He lunged forward, grabbing her arms, and kissed her. Even with the forcefulness of the action, he was still hesitant with the kiss, unsure of himself. He was greeted with an open mouth and welcoming response which told him to continue. His kiss became stronger and more demanding. He released her arms to grab hold of her hair at the base of her neck. She moaned and complied.

He ended the kiss and sat back. “Can I tie your hands?” he asked.red leather

” You may.” She thought this would be quite kinky.

Larry leaned forward and wrapped the leather that had once been around Sharon’s waist around her hands, securing them behind her back. Yes, she is going to be fun, he thought to himself again.

With her hands secured Larry moved in for another kiss. This time there was no hesitation. He pushed her back against the seat and held her by one hand at the base of her neck. His other hand moved down to her perky little tits and released them from their confines under her prom dress. He had teased them with a light graze earlier, now he wanted to worship them. He squeezed her tits, not too hard, then he kissed them, sucked them, and pinched her nipples. She let out a little yelp but didn’t ask him to stop. Another sign to keep going, and so he did.

He continued to suck and nibble her tits, moving his hand down to her legs. He hiked up her dress and slid his hand between her thighs. She was hot, and wet. My was she wet. He had never known a woman could get so wet on her own. It was a very pleasant surprise as he prodded her with his finger. It slipped in and quickly became drenched in her wetness. In it went again, accompanied by another finger. She moaned and moved her hips to meet him.

As he was fucking her with his fingers he noticed she was no longer looking at him. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back to the side. This would not do. “Look at me,” he told her. “I want you to see what I am doing to you. I want you to see the pleasure I take from using your body.”

“Oh, but it feels so good, Larry. I just want to let the feelings overtake me.”

“No! No. You will watch.” Larry wanted more, he needed more. He untied her hands, but briefly, then re-tied them in a new position behind her head leaving longer ends. He then took the ends and wrapped them around her head, in her mouth, as a gag. The two ends of leather wrapped around and securing at the back to her hands. She would watch him now.

Once he had her all secured he returned to her tits and cunt. Now he didn’t just suck and lightly pinch, he was harder. He nibbled then bit her tits. He pinched her nipples, nearly tearing them off in the process. Sharon moaned and tried to scream but the gag stopped it from fully escaping. His fingers that were once on her cunt penetrated her fully. One finger, then two, then three…

He had something more to fuck her with he thought. His cock yes, but he wasn’t going to degrade himself to shoving his cock in her. She was for his pleasure in other ways. He looked around the car. Had he remembered to bring it? Ah, yes, there it was in his side door. How would Sharon enjoy this, he wondered. His shop teacher thought he was just practicing his skills on the lathe with some useless piece of wood he’d give to his mother. Not so.

wooden dildo

She was watching him now and the look in her eyes was better than he had anticipated. Her accompanying muffled screams were like music to his ears…

Wicked Wednesday

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After Hours ~ Katie

Please welcome my beautiful friend Katie with her first guest post. I’ve been trying to get her to agree to let me post something of hers for a while and she finally agreed! Her exact words were, “Stella, by all means you may post anything of mine on your blog. You may also link it back to my profile. It may help me with some feed back as to how I can improve.” I would like to post more of her writing, so let’s all show her some love and constructive criticism. Thank you Katie, so very much, for this privilege.


Her cell phone buzzed, it was only 08:25, and a new message appeared. It simply read, “You are going to be spanked this evening”. Immediately she felt her internal muscles clench. Another message followed, “Prepare for it”. This order caught her totally off guard. Prepare for it??? No one had ever asked her or told her to prepare for a spanking before. This was truly a first. She racked her brains. How the hell does someone prepare themselves for a spanking that’s going to happen 11 hours from now? She was lost in her thoughts of all the possibilities.

The sudden ping of another message brought her back to reality. The texting became fast and furious… “I’m enjoying the prospect of reddening your derriere. The sight and sound of leather on your ass”. “The colour progressing from pink to crimson and feeling your increasing wetness”.  “Bending you over the oak meeting table at the office.”

She sat back in her chair, licked her lips and grinned. Oh my God, she said out loud. She was getting so excited staring at the message. She didn’t hesitate. Her tea-cup didn’t stand a chance now in her trembling hands. After placing it safely on the dining room table, she continued to follow the messages. The last order rang out. “Be properly ready at 7:00.”

She sat dumbfounded shaking her head. Not only was she going to be spanked, she was going to be spanked at his office. Holy shit! Her thoughts took off like a freshly disturbed bees nest. Questions flooded her left right and center. Where was his office?  Would there be anyone around there at that time of night? What about surveillance cameras? What if they got caught? She took a deep breath in and out and tried to control her rapid breathing. Slow down, she told herself. She knew it was going to be a difficult task keeping focused at work for the rest of the day. Her mind kept drifting back to the simple order, “Be prepared”.

Thankfully the day went quickly for her at work and when she was done she hurried home. Her stomach was already fluttering like a butterfly conservatory so she by skipped dinner. She headed straight to the shower after flinging her uniform into the nearby hamper. Two points, she said giggling to herself. The warm water cascading down her body felt so nice. Lathering up her loofah she cleansed herself from head to toe. She took one last squeeze of the scented shower gel into her wet hands and began to pay special attention to her mound and nether lips. Oh the thought of getting off right then and there in the shower suddenly crossed her mind, but she resisted. She had to remain a “Good Girl” for him.

The weather outside had changed drastically and forced her choice of attire to as well. She had planned on wearing a skirt and top, black bra and matching black lacy thong, along with her black thigh high silk stockings and heels. Since it was cold and pouring rain she settled for a simple but tasteful black studded blouse and pants. Her cell phone pinged at 6:45.  A simple question appeared, “Are you suitably prepared”?  She responded to the text message then waited nervously in her chair.

He arrived promptly at 7:00 and proceeded to drive her to his office. Good thing she had worn her trench coat, otherwise he would have been able to see her knees shaking with anticipation underneath. Once inside the office he gave her a grand tour that ended at the large meeting room. She immediately shivered when she saw the oak table. He didn’t miss a thing as he questioned her if she was cold. He ordered her to get undressed, to remove everything except her thong. He had no idea how truly self-conscious she was. He sensed her hesitation and proceeded to undress her himself, teasing her by saying that he hadn’t planned on doing all the work himself. Once undressed she stood in front of him with her arms crossed against her chest. All the office lights were off except for a small lamp by the main entrance. This provided just enough light into the board room.

Once positioned, bent over the oak table with legs spread apart, the session began. Each implement he had packed was introduced to her delicate bottom. The sensations rang out. The heat and fire spread throughout her as he worked her bottom over for a good hour. She was embarrassed as her excitement “tell tales” dripped onto the carpet below. He had brought her to the edge then finally sent her over it. She cried out in the throes of passion. She was beyond the point of no return as she climaxed, soaking his hand.

Before redressing and heading home she honored him by allowing him one photograph of her freshly spanked bottom.

Once home safe and sound and ready for bed her cell phone pinged. He was just checking on her, making sure that she was ok with everything they had shared tonight in his office. Once satisfied he left her a final text, “Maybe some nice parallel welts could be in store in the future…….”

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Larry’s Prom Date

The second part of the Larry series. Click HERE to read the first.


Prom was coming up soon. Those silly girls in his class were getting all crazy with dresses and shoes and trying to snag the best guy to have their picture taken with. They all wanted the captain of the football team. Nobody wanted the loser loner who sits in the back row and never speaks. Larry figured he’d just spend the night at home alone, killing people on video games. At least that’s what he thought until Sharon came up to him after calculus and asked him if he’d take her to prom.

“Uh, yeah, sure, I guess. Yeah, ok,” man he was smooth.

“Cool. Thanks Larry. It’ll be great,” and off she went to her yearbook committee meeting.

Yeah sure, Larry mumbled to himself. All he could do was stand there, mouth open watching after her, and wondering what the hell had just happened. He had noticed Sharon before. She was also a quiet one, but had joined in on several after school activities. She was on the yearbook committee, the prom committee, the debate team, even the chess club. That’s more than he did during his entire time in high school. He had been part of the AV team, briefly. They had asked him to leave after he used the equipment to film the neighbors dogs having sex. He didn’t see the problem.

A few days later Sharon caught up with him in the hallway and asked if he was still going to take her to prom. Of course, he said. She smiled and said great, she had some fun ideas she knew he’d be up for. He was beginning to think this was going to be more of a Carrie affair than a Pretty in Pink one. He didn’t know what Sharon had in mind and he didn’t quite care. He was up for finding out. Maybe he’d get a blowjob out of it.

The day finally arrived. Prom. Yippie friggen yip, was all Larry thought about it. Another day, an excuse for his peers to get all dressed up and show off. It was so not his thing, but he had told Sharon he would take her and he would never go back on his word. He borrowed his dad’s K-car and went to pick her up, corny corsage and all. He considered ditching it, the corsage not the car, but he knew his mother would want to see pictures. He could give her that much.

Larry was greeted at the door by Sharon’s father, Mr. Lavety. He wasn’t what Larry had expected. He was tall and handsome, and he could just tell he had been one of the popular jocks back in high school. Larry had expected a chubbier, nerdier version of Dr Jeffcoate. Maybe Sharon took after her mother. Before he could say as such he was interrupted by Sharon coming down the stairs. She was wearing a green flowing dress with a deep wine coloured ribbon at her waist and shoes to match. It complimented her red hair and pale skin nicely. He hadn’t noticed her legs before. She didn’t look half bad. Not bad at all.

Walking to the car Larry noticed that the ribbon on Sharon’s dress wasn’t actually ribbon at all. It was leather, a beautifully soft leather strapping. He was intrigued. As he held the door for her to get into the car she leaned in and whispered that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock jumped unexpectedly. This prom thing was really looking up.

Wicked Wednesday

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It’s midnight here and I am sitting up, tired but unable to sleep. Laying down is not conducive to breathing at the moment, and breathing is quite important if I don’t want to die. Yeah, I don’t want to die.

What I do want though is to play. Not fun little board games or cars and choo choo trains, but naked games. I want to be pushed, to be taken and used, to taste a cock and be fucked into oblivion.

Reminds me of an episode of Friends. The one where Monica is sick with a cold and fever, all snotty and slathered in Vicks or some such thing. She is coughing and sneezing and dripping. Eww! Not that I ever found her character particularly appealing but exceptionally so in this episode. Thing was though, that even though she was sick and pretty disgusting at the time, she felt sexy, or horny as the case may be, and was trying her damnedest to turn Chandler on and have sex.

Not that I feel that disgusting, although I am sick and breathing is a real concern at the moment, but I just want to have sex. I don’t want it all soft and gentle like either. I want my hair pulled and my holes ravaged, I want you to tell me how much I turn you on and what a good girl I am.

I want to feel hot wax across my chest. I want to feel the leather bear down across my backside. The pain from the clamps. The binds around my ankles and wrists. Your hand against my throat. I don’t want too use a safe word or to to even think.

When it comes down to it what I want is to feel, to feel alive.

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