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Holiday House

It’s been a while, but this is a continuation of the original Life With Victor (LWV) series. You can find the previous posts here

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Tasha was weary about going away with Victor this weekend. Their last vacation had led to a lot of upheaval in their lives. They were finally back to being them. No codling, no going easy on her. There hadn’t been any truly rough play but she was happy their dynamic was returning to normal. What if going away affected that? She was nervous.

“Why don’t we just spend a nice weekend at home? We could go for brunch at that new place down on 5th, spend an evening at the club. We haven’t been there in ages.”

“Don’t worry Tash, you will have a great time. Trust me.”

“I do trust you. I just…”

Victor put his arms around his wife and pulled her close. “I know baby. I know. This trip will be very different than our last. Now, go pack. I want to get on the road as early as possible tomorrow. You’re still only working a half day?”

“Yes. I’ll be done at 1:00.”

“Very good. I will drop you in the morning that way we can hit the road when I pick you up. We can take our time on the nicer side roads, make a stop or two, and still get there by 5:oo. Plenty of time to unpack and grab a hot shower before dinner. I made reservations for 7:00. Be sure to pack something suitable. That sexy green number from will do. You always look gorgeous in green. Now go,” Victor gave Tasha quick slap on the ass and sent her off to pack.

She was still unsettled about it but she trusted Victor. That didn’t seem to be of any comfort as she tossed and turned during the night, waking up in a cold sweat. She tried to talk him out of it again in the morning but he would not be deterred.

“Don’t you want to be a good little whore,” he chided.

“I do, Daddy. I do,” and with that she no longer worried about the weekend.


The sun playing peek-a-boo behind the clouds kept the temperature from soaring and made their long drive out of town enjoyable. They took their time. They stopped for her favorite ice-cream. They stopped to watch the falls and bask in its mist. They also stopped at one of the local wineries to pick up a few bottles for the weekend. Tasha was relaxed and happy. Victor was pleased.

When they arrived at the rental house Tasha was less than impressed. She was surprised to find it was not at all how the brochure had described. It was listed as a grand turn of the century estate with old world charm and modern day amenities. They had passed a large estate house before turning onto the small gravel lane but that was not where they were staying. They were in what looked to have been a servants quarters at one time. It was small, not completely run down but any charm it may have once possessed had worn away over the years.

“Are you ready,” Victor asked, turning the truck off and smiling at her. She looked at him, perplexed. This couldn’t be where they were staying. “What’s wrong, baby? You don’t like it?” His tone showed a hint of amusement.

“Is this really where we are staying?” She tried not to sound like an impudent child.

“It is. Come on, let’s bring our stuff in. I have some plans before dinner.” There was something in his smile, his eyes, she hadn’t seen in quite some time. Beneath his amusement was something darker.

She got out of the truck, grabbed her bags, and followed him. She was looking around, trying to find something, anything, redeeming about the place and not paying attention to Victor. She walked right into him as she rounded the corner of the house. He had stopped and was looking at something off to the right. She followed his gaze to a hitching rail.

“No running tonight little whore. Daddy’s going to take you for a ride.”



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Anything can happen in the final quarter of The Game.  My very talented friend Lord Raven is to thank for bringing life to Victor on this side story from the Life With Victor (LWV) series. This piece is a tad longer than I would normally post but I couldn’t bear to break it up. Trust me, you’ll want to read it all and see how this game ends.


Tasha watched as a thrill of excitement ran through her. Seeing Victor, her husband and master, being manhandled like that shook her to the core and yet stirred something deep inside. Ron showed none of the compassion or gentle nature that Victor had with her. In fact it was as if Ron wanted to hear Victor yelp in pain, to see those tears roll down his face. She knew it had been years since the two of them had been together but even now she wondered how he could have been with a man who was so rough and sadistic.

Her eyes were fixed on Victor as Ron tightly bound his arms behind him. His face twisted in pain for a moment before his muscles stretched enough to relax and accept their new positions. A few minutes passed before he turned to face her, his eyes alive and the faintest of smiles on his face. In that moment she knew he was ok, though that sudden realization was short lived. She gasped as a hard hand struck down on her husbands face.

“What are you looking at? Where should your eyes be RIGHT NOW?” Ron’s growl gave no indication of him being a gentle or forgiving man. “You little whore, I will make you remember your place”

Another heavy blow knocked Victor over onto his side, a small trickle of blood seeping from the corner of his mouth. Ron stood over him now, smiling as he reached down. He lifted Victor like a rag doll, never letting him quite get to his feet, as he dragged him out to the next room. In a flash the blade appeared at his throat again. Tasha gasped and Ron stopped momentarily to look at her. She felt her cunt gush in an instant as the blade pressed against Victor’s vulnerable flesh.

Ron leaned close, “Do you remember the word?”

Victor nodded his head.

“Do you remember the word?!” Ron barked the question again.

“Yes Sir, I remember the word.”

“Tonight I think you may need it.” The evil tone in Ron’s voice sent another twinge through Tasha’s cunt. She could feel her juices starting to seep out and run down the inside of her thigh. What the hell was wrong with her she wondered, completely excited by Victor’s circumstance.

The blade ran over Victor’s flesh, digging in slightly on the shoulder but even more so into his back. The crimson welling along the lines reminded Tasha of the times Victor would do the same to her and lick along the precious gift, savoring every drop. Her eyes pleaded with Ron when he turned to see her reaction. Not a word said, just the nod of his head to allow her access to her husbands back. Her head was spinning, intoxicated by the whole scene.

As she licked the blood from his back her hand instinctively went to his cock and began stroking. She knew how to bring him pleasure but in the heat of the moment she instead became an extension of Ron’s savagery and sadistic nature. Rather than the gentle strokes that made him moan in pleasure she made hard gripping tugs, as if she were trying to rip his cock clear from his body. Ron leaned closer and whispered in her ear, her whole body froze as she turned and looked into his eyes.

“Excuse me Sir, what did you ask me?”

“Would you like to fuck him?” Ron’s smile grew even bigger as he reached around with his hand joining hers.

“How do you mean?” If Victor had taught her nothing else it was to be totally clear on what was being asked.

“Do you have a vibrator and a strap on?”

A ravenous desire ran through her like a shock. Like somehow Ron had taken control of her as well and was using her as an implement for his own pleasure. She glanced at Victor, who looked so helpless but never turning his head. He knew what would happen if he did.

“It’s ok, tonight anything goes unless he calls it off. Oh, and his safe word is popcorn. It is important that you know that and respect it.”

Ron’s voice was smooth like oil, greasing Tasha’s will to slide down into his sadistic tunnel. She shook her head yes slowly and began to walk to where the toys were kept. Tasha’s mind raced almost as quick as her pulse. When she picked up the harness and bag of instruments that fit into it she felt a smile creep across her face. It was a complete shock as a feeling from some deep, previously undisturbed, place emerged. Tonight she wanted to not only watch but participate with these two men. She wanted to be a part of Ron’s using and abusing Victor. She shivered with excitement, her hands trembled as she brought the bag to Ron for his inspection.

Walking back into the room she saw that Ron had already placed a condom on his cock. He was standing behind Victor, closing the gap between them until the head of his cock rested precariously at Victor’s puckered opening. There was a moment there where they were as lovers, where Ron was gentle and tender with him as he slowly pushed into Victor. Once he had relaxed and Ron was able to move more freely the moment vanished and it was back to business as before. The blade now crossed flesh once more. This time it was the back of the knife so as to not make confetti of Victor’s skin. Each pass was pressing and rough as his cock hammered into Victor.

Tasha just stood there watching, her hand absent mindedly reaching down to her clit. Rubbing slowly at first then with increasing intensity as her juices ran freely down her legs. The point of the blade pressed into Victor’s side and he yelped, that was all it took. Tasha’s body stiffened as she came. Her body shaking as the wave overtook her, then as it passed dropping her to the floor.

The sound of her falling made Ron freeze. Looking up sheepishly Tasha limped over to where they were, her leg only lightly injured from the collision with the desk before the floor caught her. Now Ron forced her to slide under them, she was to suck Victor’s cock while Ron continued. Each thrust pushed his cock deep into her throat, her mind still fresh with the image of how they looked from the doorway. It was just a few minutes before Ron groaned and exploded, filling the balloon that held his cock captive. A few more hard thrusts was all it took. Victor was next in line as his cock unleashed a flood into Tasha’s mouth, some of it dribbling out onto her lips and chin. She was shocked as he had never before flooded her mouth like this.

No time for savoring. Ron grabbed Tasha by the hair and pulled her to her feet. In a few moments she was all strapped up and Ron was pushing her against her husband. Her hesitation was punished by the feel of the blade now at her throat. She could feel his cock growing behind her, she gasped as it was the right height to invade her own ass now. This was an area that Victor rarely took, it was just not their thing, but she had just witnessed Ron take…

Her thoughts fluttered as the pressure grew and his cock invaded her. She was not fully prepared for this and leaned forward against Victor. She felt pressure against the harness as Ron guided the dildo she was wearing into her husband’s already stretched ass. A few sharp breaths from both of them as she slid deeper in. Ron kept the pressure up behind her, the tip of his cock pressing, forcing her forward into Victor.

“Just remember, the safe word applies to you as well. Do you know it?”

“Yes Sir, I know it.”

Ron pushed further in until she felt the hair from his balls on the back of her thighs. Her breath came in sharp gasps as she was expanded to fit his girth. Tears welled for a few moments before the pain receded and she fell into a rhythm between the two of them. Ron fucked her and in return she fucked Victor. It felt like his cock was in her ass forever before he released and came with a loud groan. His hands pressed down on her shoulders as he drove in as deep as he could.

Ron pulled out without much gentleness, in much the same fashion as he had entered her. Tasha felt like a huge void had been left in her where his cock had been. Ron then reached down and stroked Victor off as Tasha continued her assault on him. It did not take much more before he came as well. After he did Ron made him lick it off his hands and the floor. Tasha was jealous as that was normally her job, one she thoroughly enjoyed.

With a winning smile Ron announced it was time for him to take his leave, but not before taking a minute to the blade across Tasha’s back. The sting made her gasp as he had carved deeper into her flesh than Victor ever did. The warm feeling of the blood running down her back sent a chill along her spine as the front door closed.

Victor crawled to the couch and Tasha followed him, kneeling at his feet with her face on his lap. His hands felt so warm and comforting running through her hair. Moments later she was asleep.

Some time later the ping notification of a text message woke her. Victor and Ron were already making plans for another get together. Tasha smiled to herself as she snuggled closer.

thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,
risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body
~ Pablo Neruda

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Q3 of The Game, a side story of the Life With Victor (LWV) series. You can catch up here if you have not been following along.


His hand is on my leg and I could swear it is Victor. He isn’t answering me though. Maybe he’s not sure what to do now that I’ve realized it is him. As I wait for him to answer me I hear a car in the drive. What the hell does he have planned?

Victor? What’s going on? What have you planned? I stop when I hear keys in the lock. Could this be someone else, not Victor? No, I couldn’t possible mistake another man for my husband. As I think this I realize that only a few short moments ago I didn’t think it was my husband at all.

Victor leaves me and goes to the door. Who are you, I hear him say before the sounds of two men fighting and someone being knocked or thrown to the ground start. Is this part of his plan, or is something else going on? Is there a real intruder in the house now?

There is some shuffling and then what sounds like someone being dragged across the room. I feel him being dropped beside me. Please don’t let it be Victor. Please let him have overtaken whoever the intruder into our home is. The hood over my face is removed and I am shocked to see who is laying beside me. I blink, willing my eyes to see someone else, but the face doesn’t change, it is Victor laying bound before me. Above him, a masked man holding a knife to his throat and spouting a threat I don’t understand. And even though I now know it isn’t Victor, there is still something so familiar about him.

I see the fear in Victor’s eyes as the intruder presses a knife to his throat. I catch a tear escape him before he turns his face away from me. I have never seen him look so vulnerable. He is my rock, my strength, nothing scares him. Seeing him like this is just wrong. I feel him tremble as the intruder forces him down with his knee and whispers something to him I don’t quite catch. My mind is racing and my heart is beating too loud to focus on what is happening right next to me.

Now you will get to see what is in store for you, you little slut! I am snapped back to reality by the intruder growling at me as he unzips his pants and tells Victor to suck it. OMG! Victor would never do that. He turns to the intruder and looks like he is going to bite his cock off. The intruder slaps him right across the face then threatens with the knife again.

I can tell my mouth has dropped open and I appear to be in total shock. I am in shock. Not because the intruder is doing this to Victor though, I am in shock at how seeing him in this way affects me. I so want to see it. I never entertained the thought before, because I knew he would be dead set against it but the thought of seeing him suck another man off excites me so, makes my cunt all wet and achy.

I look away, afraid I will show my excitement, afraid they will sense it. My body has a way of betraying me at some very inappropriate times. Being turned on, while at the mercy of an intruder and watching him demean my husband, would certainly count as inappropriate. I don’t need Victor, or the intruder, to see my nipples straining against my blouse or smell that hot musky scent that I know is growing between my legs.


I try to look panicked as the “intruder” has me at knife point. I even manage to force a tear as I plead for him to not hurt us. I wish he would roll me over though because the erection in my pants is killing me in this position. I feel his knee in my back as his hot breath caresses the skin on my neck. His whispered threat alone almost makes me cum, but I know this would be a bad thing. I am enjoying this scene we have concocted.

Now you will get to see what is in store for you, you little slut! My old master’s voice sends a chill along my spine as he growls this threat to Tasha.

He unzips his pants as his beautiful thick cock springs free. Restraint Victor, I keep saying over and over in my head as my mouth waters, must not give in to my desires just yet.

You’re going to suck it and show her what a good cock lover you are, he growls at me.

No I won’t, I say through clenched teeth, shaking my head at the same time.

The slap across my face stings but is worth it as I see the look on Tasha’s face. Shock and surprise as her master is now at the mercy of another man. She tries to look away as I am rolled over but she is transfixed as the cock is lowered. I act like I am going to bite it.

Bite it and my blade will bite through your throat. The blade presses against my throat once again.

You will watch, the intruder growls at Tasha, as she tries to look away. I can see the blush in her face out of the corner of my eye, that look of hunger and lust I know so well. I hide my smile as I realize this is really turning her on. I keep up the pretense for a little longer as his cock is now “forced” into my mouth.

It is far from force, and not the first time I have enjoyed the sensation of it sliding across my tongue. I let it slide to the back of my throat and open up as best I can as he begins to face fuck me. It is like old times as I can feel him fucking my mouth, owning me. My eyes water as I gag on his thick shaft filling me.

His hand now reaches to the back of my head, pulling me more forcefully to him. I have become his single desire. Faster and faster, I can feel his cock swelling as he continues to fuck my mouth. I let go of the binding I had been holding on to so as to look tied up. My hand now reaches for his hips as my tongue swirls around his salty sweet cock. I hear Tasha gasp at the scene she is now witnessing.
His flood comes without a warning and I swallow as much as I can. I feel it leaking around my lips, dripping on my chin, as he pulls out. He leans down and kisses me, licking the remaining juices from me.

Tasha, I would like to introduce my old master, Ron. Remember that time you said you wanted to see two men together? I know you didn’t think one of those men would be me. The abduction was my price for disregarding the rules, this is the beginning of a very wonderful gift for you.

I hear her moan and I know her juices are running like a busted dam now as Ron reaches over and unties her.

I do not ask to the night explanations,
I wait for it and it envelops me,
~ Pablo Neruda

Note: I would like to give a special thanks to Lord Raven for giving voice to Victor again this week.


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