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Metal Clovers

Cold hard metal makes me melt…


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Happy 200th Sinful Sunday!


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“There is no more lively sensation than that of pain;
its impressions are certain and dependable,
they never deceive as may those of pleasure women perpetually feign
and almost never experience.”

~ Marquis De Sade





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For those of you who are new, I have a bit of a kink regarding my nipples and there are many a pic of them posted here on this blog. Pegs, bands, hot wax, alligator clips, bamboo sticks and the like… LOVE them all!

My current fascination is with hot wax. There is something about it, the anticipation after the candle is lit, not knowing where or when the wax will fall, the hot flash of pain as the first drop lands on my sensitive skin, the warmth that spreads as the wax covering grows. Each step fueling the fire inside and bringing me closer to that wonderful orgasmic release.

I am working on an art project. Wax nipple roses mounted in a frame. The idea came from a friend on FetLife, a joke initially, and the idea stuck with me. The whole concept isn’t complete as yet as I am unsure of how to mount them in a permanent fashion (ideas anyone?),but I am having fun trying new kinds of candles and shades of wax.


Green wax number one was a bit of a dud. Turns out the dark vibrant green was only an outer coating surrounding a white base. It still felt wonderful, of course, but what a disappointment.


Green wax number two was much better. It was a beautiful spruce green colour. The richness of colour doesn’t show in this picture but I quite like the way it looks with the hot wax cooling on the surface showing the different colour variations from the different levels of cooling and the candle with it’s just blown out wick.


Red wax is a favorite of mine. So vibrant and exciting. Surprisingly this is one I can drip very close to my skin, almost touching, and it doesn’t burn or irritate. Must get some more of these lovely red candles!

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Wicked Wednesday

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This past week was a long and stressful one, for several reasons. I returned to work after nearly a month off, to a place far busier than anywhere I have been in the past. Though I love that pace it was tough getting back into the swing of things and I was left completely drained at the end of the day. My son was sick and acting up, that didn’t help. I needed something to get me out of my funk, to help me let go and release whatever it was keeping me down. I needed to be used, to feel pain, to feel alive.


We weren’t able to get together so I had to figure out something on my own. Pain I could inflict on myself to some degree. I took some time late one evening after my son was in bed to play a while. It wasn’t nearly enough but it helped. I clamped my nipples, my cunt, and my inner thighs. I forced anal, filled myself with toys, and used a sensation gel. I even did some clit pumping (which, if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend). I didn’t take pictures of everything, and some I did I won’t share here as they are not “pretty” enough for my liking. What I am sharing are a couple pics of nipple clamping, my special technique for getting the most pressure. Each peg increases the pressure and thus the pain. As anyone who enjoys, or hates, clamping knows, the most painful part is removing them. These are especially painful because the tips are rubber and stick to the skin to keep from slipping. The pain was exquisite and lingered for days


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