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Mister S and I were texting the other night as he is currently out of town on business. We weren’t discussing anything serious, just talking about my reminder marks and how we missed each other. Then he asked me if he could play with himself.

“May I play with myself Ms?”

“What’s the rule?” was my response, to which he requested I FaceTime with him. The rule is that he can play if he sends me a picture. Watching in real time was absolutely acceptable, and in some ways preferable. I love to watch and he loves to be watched so it’s a win-win.

I called so we could FaceTime. He quickly walked me through a hallway and into what I am assuming is his room during his stay. Then my view flipped from his handsome face to his cock. I watched as he lay on the bed pulling and tugging and showing his cock off to me. He asked if he could cum and I said no, not yet. We hadn’t done anything like this previously and I wanted to enjoy it.

My “not yet” was ignored, or unable to be followed, and before I knew it he was cumming. I made some comments about how I hated to see his delicious cum go to waste and wished I could clean it all up for him. My view soon changed from his cum covered cock back to his handsome face, for maybe a whole two seconds or so before he thought he heard footsteps approaching and said a quick goodnight.

The entire call was about two minutes from beginning to end and I was left hanging. Which was fine really because I hadn’t brought up my desire to play as well, so he was completely unaware. I can’t fault a guy for not knowing something that I didn’t tell him. I don’t expect him to be a mind reader.

The thing is though, I was pretty much irrelevant to the whole thing. At least that’s how I felt. If he had said he was going to jack off and asked if I wanted to watch I would not have any issue. Him being excited just by me watching would have been fine. I will gladly watch him stroke his cock any day of the week.

My issue is that he asked me if he could play. Then he asked me if he could cum, and yet he came anyway when I told him no. He set my expectation by asking and thereby assuming the submissive role, which put me in the dominant role. And if he wants to be the submissive partner then he needs to listen and abide by what I say. How would he react if he told me to do something while we were playing and I didn’t obey? How would you react to your partner?

I can see your question already. Yes, we switch. Although our main roles are him the Dominant and I the submissive, we do enjoy switching and will do so with each other.

Obviously this was my experience. Mister S may have a completely different view on it, one I will share if he so chooses.



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Masturbation Month 2013


1. My favorite place to masturbate is ______?
In bed. It’s comfy, everything is close at hand, and I can roll over and go to sleep when I’m done. I most often masturbate before turning in for the night so it’s convenient.

2. Have you ever masturbated in public? What were the circumstances?
I have masturbated in a car in a parking lot, quite a few times actually. Sometimes while a ball game was going on in front of me. That is as close as I’ve gotten to masturbating in public.

3. Do you like mutual masturbation? Why?
It depends on the day and the partner. I much prefer us getting each other off rather than ourselves. If it is a new partner, mutual masturbation is a good way to get to know what they like, to see how they pleasure themselves.

4. When was the last time you masturbated?
This morning. I was up early and with the child away I didn’t have a lot to do before heading off to work. It was nice to be able to take my time starting the day.

5. Have you ever masturbated on camera?
Yes, still and moving. I wasn’t really comfortable it at first but have warmed up to it.

6. Do you like to watch people masturbate?
Yes, absolutely! As I said above, it is the best way to learn what somebody likes. The way they touch themselves or play with a toy, you can learn much more about what they like by watching them.

Bonus: Have you filmed yourself masturbating? Care to share that film via a link?
 I have filmed myself a few times. Years ago for a guy I was with, and more recently filmed myself masturbating then squirting. That one was pretty neat, although I would have liked to have someone else filming me to get the whole scope of it.  Those are the only one’s I have shared and I have no plan of ever sharing them on line.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


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“I’m in the mood for love simply because you’re near me. Funny but when you’re near me, I’m in the mood for love,” Rod Stewart swoons on the stereo as she sets the table for supper.

Her husband still laughs at her when she calls it supper. “It’s dinner my love,” he says.

She smiles as she dances around the table listening to the music and thinking of her handsome husband.

Twelve years they’ve been married, nearly fourteen since the day he staggered into The Bosville with his drunk buddies during Dan’s creeling. She was smitten with him right away. All thick black hair, blue eyes, and mischievous grin. Then when he spoke, with that accent, she nearly dropped her tray.

Leaving everything behind and moving to Canada wasn’t easy for her. There were many days, in the beginning, when she thought she would never make it here. Many a night she would cry herself to sleep wishing she were back home with her family in her beautiful Isle. Her husband was wonderful through it all. He was patient and kind and loving. He would hold her and comfort her, telling her it was ok to miss her family, ok to feel sad, but that she would get over that one day and she would be happy in her new home, her new life, with him. He was her family now. He loved her so, and she him.

She had been so green, inexperienced when it came to matters of sex. In the beginning she had felt so inadequate and insecure. How was she to please this man who had swept her away when she had never really been with another before? He would surely leave her for not being able to keep up with him, to satisfy his sexual needs.

He was wonderful with her. He was so gentle and loving, taking his time getting to know her body while she got to know it as well. He would watch as she pleasured herself to learn how to better pleasure her himself. He watched the way her hands moved over her body, rubbing her breasts, teasing her nipples. He watched as she spread her lips and rubbed her clit, pulling the juices up after putting a finger in her wet cunt. He watched her face as her orgasm overtook her, her body as it tensed and quivered in aftershocks. He would put his own fingers inside her to feel her muscles contract around them. She was beautiful when she came, but then he thought she was beautiful always.

It wasn’t easy. She barely knew what to do herself at first, but she learned. She learned to be comfortable with him watching her do this intimate act, this thing she had always felt ashamed of doing. “Good girls don’t touch themselves down there,” she recalled her mother saying. It was so freeing to realize that there was no reason to feel ashamed or dirty. It was natural and sensual, and it felt oh so good. Surely there should be no shame in being intimate with her own husband.

She also learned to be comfortable watching him do the same, pleasuring himself to orgasm. His cock was the first she had ever seen outside of a magazine, let alone felt or tasted. She had been in total awe the first time she had watched him cum. It was so strong and powerful, so sexy. She wanted to touch it and taste it, to experience more of him, and she did. Hesitant at first, it did not take long for her barriers to come down, for her love and desire for her husband to overtake the feelings of shame she had grown up with. Once he had awakened the sleeping beauty inside her there was no turning back.

As she thought back on it now, waiting for her husband to arrive home, she was struck by how much her life had changed over the years. From the naive lass she had been when they first met, to their wedding, moving to the other side of the world, and all the firsts they had experienced with each other since. She knew how lucky she was.

Tonight there would be another first, a special anniversary and Valentine’s Day gift combined. Rope is the traditional twelfth wedding anniversary gift, well silk actually.

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