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The rain through the night had caused me to sleep like a baby. Peaceful and content. I was glad to see it had eased off in the early morning though. Victor and I had planned on going for a hike around the escarpment and it wouldn’t be as fun if it were wet and rainy. I could see myself slipping and sliding on the wet path. I wasn’t the most eloquent under the best of circumstances. I could fall over my own two feet given half a chance, and I was given many chances.

After the rain subsided the sun made a brilliant debut and things began to dry out. We packed up the jeep and hit the road. It was a beautiful morning. The sun sent the remaining clouds away and the stifling heat of the summer was still long ahead of us. The trees were showing off their beautiful blossoms and vibrant shades of green were emerging after a long dormant winter. A perfect spring day.

Arriving at the head of the escarpment just after eight, there was only one other vehicle in the lot ahead of us. Surprising for this time of year. It isn’t usually as packed as during the hot July days when people come in droves to enjoy an afternoon under the forests protective canopy, but it is still generally a busy place. Maybe the earlier rain had kept them away. I wasn’t complaining.

We grabbed our packs and headed out. The trails weren’t bad at all. With the foliage just sprouting on the trees the canopy was not nearly as thick as it would soon become. It still kept the trails well protected from the rain. Rays of sunshine seeped through casting light and shadow amongst the trees, highlighting some trillium that were just blooming. It was nice to be able to take our time and enjoy the scenery, the sights and sounds, without a lot of interference from other hikers.


As we made our way through the trails I could feel the heat rising. Not from the sun, but from inside of me. I could feel the anticipation building as Victor casually touched me, hands lightly placed on hips to help hold me steady during the climbs. His sweet little kisses and hand taking mine, telling me it was time to move along after stopping to observe several deer grazing close to the trail. We continued on, doing our little dance, playing our own little cat and mouse game that we both knew would have a certain end.

More than an hour later, as we were nearing the suspension bridge, the tension reached it’s breaking point. The game was over and the cat finally pounced on the mouse. Before I even realized what was happening Victor had me, back up against a tree, pants down past my knees, his fingers fucking my cunt and his mouth devouring me.

He knows my body so well. Within moments I was writhing, moaning, barely supressing screams of pleasure, succumbing to his touch with a rolling orgasm that did not want to end. I was peaking again and again as he continued his assault. When I thought I could bear no more, when I thought I would surely pass out, he stopped.

A breath.

Two breaths.

He kissed me then, soft and tender, a gentleness in his touch that belied the force with which he entered me next. A scream tried to escape as his cock rammed into me but his hand was quick to stifle it.

No, he said, you will be quiet. His mouth now up to my ear, growling at me… You will be quiet you little whore. You will be quiet while I fuck you, use you. You are mine, I own you. You know this. Don’t you forget it, you little whore… as he continued fucking me hard, primal, like an animal, until he pushed one last time and came with a force so strong I thought he might just collapse himself.

A breath.

Two breaths.

His hand released me. He stepped back, pulled up his own jeans, buckled his belt, and started back along the path.

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