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I’ve been following Malflic’s The Penis Project and today have been inspired to write a post of my own. You may think it odd that I, a woman, am contributing but I think it is important to also get the views of the people on the receiving end of those penises you are all talking about.

Now, listen carefully because I have two truths I’d like to share and they are important for all men to know.

First truth, it makes no difference if you are circumcised or not. Honestly, it really doesn’t. Yes there is a difference in appearance when the penis is flaccid, but once erect that sheath of skin no longer covers the head of the penis and they look pretty much the same. I am referring to erect penises, regardless if circumcised or not, having the same general look. Each penis is unique it its own way of course, but if you saw a bunch of fully erect penises you likely wouldn’t be able to tell which were circumcised and which weren’t.

I remember being asked once which I preferred and after thinking about it I couldn’t even recall who was circumcised and who wasn’t. Even now I couldn’t with 100% certainty tell you what any man I’ve been with was except for one, and I am only certain of him because he made such a big deal about being “all natural” and not circumcised. Come on now, even if you’ve been circumcised you are still all natural, they didn’t add anything to you they just cut a tiny bit of skin off.

I could post pictures here but instead I will direct you to this photo gallery, which is amazing and should be included in The Penis Project all on its own. The gallery was designed to show the difference between penis length when flaccid versus when erect, but it also shows that the end result is no different in circumcised versus uncircumcised penises.

Second truth, when we say size doesn’t matter we mean it. We care whether you can use the equipment you have not what weight class it is in. Very few women get off through penetration alone, so if you can’t stimulate our clitoris and our mind while you are pounding into us it doesn’t matter what size penis you are ramming in there. I know you never learned this from all those porn magazines and movies, but the clitoris is the principle organ for female pleasure and is the most sensitive spot on our bodies. I know, a topic for another day, but it does need to be said here.

The average erect penis length is about 5 1/2 inches long. There is a reason for this. At this length it will hit your partner in the most desirable area within her vagina. The outer third of our vagina is where the most nerve endings are, so any part of your penis that penetrates further than that is essentially a waste. Some women enjoy a very full feeling, but this has more to do with girth than length.

There are two exceptions to this size doesn’t matter truth however, one being if you are too big. I’ve never run into a penis that was too big (I sense a pun here) but have been close to the limit. Too big is when it physically is too big to penetrate without a large amount of pain, or to even penetrate at all. This can happen. Think about how anal stretching works, you wouldn’t start off with the monster sized plug and vaginal penetration works the same way. Okay, maybe I could have used a different analogy there, but you get the picture. You wouldn’t start by trying to ram your fist into her vagina, you have to gradually build up to it one finger or toy size at a time. We do have the ability to stretch but it takes time and does go back to normal when we are done playing and the excitement of arousal has worn off.

I hate to say it, but there is also such a thing as too small. If your partner is constantly asking if you are in, it could be too small. If you are always falling out, or unable to even reach to get it in, it is too small. The good thing about being too small though, is that you can use your other skills to satisfy her, and she won’t choke when performing fellatio on you. Being small doesn’t have to be a bad thing. So if you find that you are too small for your partner, work your other skills. Use your hands, mouth, tongue, and toys to give her pleasure. In the end, we will be talking about how good you were not how small you were.


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