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Cold, hard metal
encased in buttery soft leather
feels best
with it’s sharp points focused
on my soft, sensitive, girly bits
Pain and pleasure mingle
My senses come alive


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Metal Clovers

Cold hard metal makes me melt…


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Happy 200th Sinful Sunday!


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I’ve talked more than enough here recently regarding my relationship with pain and pleasure, so I thought I would share the third part of the Larry series. Click HERE to catch up.

PLEASE NOTE: Yes, this piece is about younger characters. They may have just celebrated prom but they are not minors. Though still technically youths, and under the age of 21, they are well into the legal age of consent. 


That soft leather strapping Sharon had draped around her waist. It was an invitation, he knew it. If he hadn’t, her telling him that she was not wearing panties under her dress certainly was. But panties were easy, it was that leather strapping that had intrigued him more. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on it.

Prom red leather strapwas less than spectacular, as he expected. After dinner, photos, and a few dances Sharon asked if he was ready to get out of there. Hell ya, he thought. He knew what prom night was really all about and he was ready to get the party started. Helping her into the car, Larry brushed his hand across her breasts. Sharon giggled and blushed, but didn’t look away. She is going to be fun, he thought as he put the car in gear.

The old mill was deserted, save the little critters of the night, and the moon cast it’s full glowing light. Larry was glad because he wanted to see Sharon, to watch her reactions. He would have rather been in the comfort of his room, or even a hotel room, but the old car would suffice for now.

As he reached down to untie the leather ribbon from around Sharon’s waist his cock stirred. Feeling the softness of it in his hands his cock hardened instantly. It was exquisite. He lifted the strap and slid it across his upper lip, feeling the softness against his more sensitive skin and letting the smell of it fill him. As he took his time letting the leather slide, winding it around his hands, Sharon sat there watching him. She couldn’t miss the large bulge that had appeared in the front of his pants. It excited her the way the leather excited him.

They sat there a while, Larry consumed by the ribbon of leather, Sharon consumed by thoughts of Larry doing dirty things to her. She had been with boys before and she knew the quiet ones were the more fun ones when it came to all things sexual. The jocks thought all they had to do was show up and the preppy’s were the real virgins of high school. They were consumed with student council, prom, the fall mixer and the like. The quiet ones were the creative types, the brooding ones, who were eager to try all the things they had read and fantasized about and didn’t care whether you were the prom queen or a complete social misfit. They were just happy to have a live, breathing partner. She was that.

Sharon was startled by Larry’s sudden move toward her. He lunged forward, grabbing her arms, and kissed her. Even with the forcefulness of the action, he was still hesitant with the kiss, unsure of himself. He was greeted with an open mouth and welcoming response which told him to continue. His kiss became stronger and more demanding. He released her arms to grab hold of her hair at the base of her neck. She moaned and complied.

He ended the kiss and sat back. “Can I tie your hands?” he asked.red leather

” You may.” She thought this would be quite kinky.

Larry leaned forward and wrapped the leather that had once been around Sharon’s waist around her hands, securing them behind her back. Yes, she is going to be fun, he thought to himself again.

With her hands secured Larry moved in for another kiss. This time there was no hesitation. He pushed her back against the seat and held her by one hand at the base of her neck. His other hand moved down to her perky little tits and released them from their confines under her prom dress. He had teased them with a light graze earlier, now he wanted to worship them. He squeezed her tits, not too hard, then he kissed them, sucked them, and pinched her nipples. She let out a little yelp but didn’t ask him to stop. Another sign to keep going, and so he did.

He continued to suck and nibble her tits, moving his hand down to her legs. He hiked up her dress and slid his hand between her thighs. She was hot, and wet. My was she wet. He had never known a woman could get so wet on her own. It was a very pleasant surprise as he prodded her with his finger. It slipped in and quickly became drenched in her wetness. In it went again, accompanied by another finger. She moaned and moved her hips to meet him.

As he was fucking her with his fingers he noticed she was no longer looking at him. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back to the side. This would not do. “Look at me,” he told her. “I want you to see what I am doing to you. I want you to see the pleasure I take from using your body.”

“Oh, but it feels so good, Larry. I just want to let the feelings overtake me.”

“No! No. You will watch.” Larry wanted more, he needed more. He untied her hands, but briefly, then re-tied them in a new position behind her head leaving longer ends. He then took the ends and wrapped them around her head, in her mouth, as a gag. The two ends of leather wrapped around and securing at the back to her hands. She would watch him now.

Once he had her all secured he returned to her tits and cunt. Now he didn’t just suck and lightly pinch, he was harder. He nibbled then bit her tits. He pinched her nipples, nearly tearing them off in the process. Sharon moaned and tried to scream but the gag stopped it from fully escaping. His fingers that were once on her cunt penetrated her fully. One finger, then two, then three…

He had something more to fuck her with he thought. His cock yes, but he wasn’t going to degrade himself to shoving his cock in her. She was for his pleasure in other ways. He looked around the car. Had he remembered to bring it? Ah, yes, there it was in his side door. How would Sharon enjoy this, he wondered. His shop teacher thought he was just practicing his skills on the lathe with some useless piece of wood he’d give to his mother. Not so.

wooden dildo

She was watching him now and the look in her eyes was better than he had anticipated. Her accompanying muffled screams were like music to his ears…

Wicked Wednesday

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Larry’s Prom Date

The second part of the Larry series. Click HERE to read the first.


Prom was coming up soon. Those silly girls in his class were getting all crazy with dresses and shoes and trying to snag the best guy to have their picture taken with. They all wanted the captain of the football team. Nobody wanted the loser loner who sits in the back row and never speaks. Larry figured he’d just spend the night at home alone, killing people on video games. At least that’s what he thought until Sharon came up to him after calculus and asked him if he’d take her to prom.

“Uh, yeah, sure, I guess. Yeah, ok,” man he was smooth.

“Cool. Thanks Larry. It’ll be great,” and off she went to her yearbook committee meeting.

Yeah sure, Larry mumbled to himself. All he could do was stand there, mouth open watching after her, and wondering what the hell had just happened. He had noticed Sharon before. She was also a quiet one, but had joined in on several after school activities. She was on the yearbook committee, the prom committee, the debate team, even the chess club. That’s more than he did during his entire time in high school. He had been part of the AV team, briefly. They had asked him to leave after he used the equipment to film the neighbors dogs having sex. He didn’t see the problem.

A few days later Sharon caught up with him in the hallway and asked if he was still going to take her to prom. Of course, he said. She smiled and said great, she had some fun ideas she knew he’d be up for. He was beginning to think this was going to be more of a Carrie affair than a Pretty in Pink one. He didn’t know what Sharon had in mind and he didn’t quite care. He was up for finding out. Maybe he’d get a blowjob out of it.

The day finally arrived. Prom. Yippie friggen yip, was all Larry thought about it. Another day, an excuse for his peers to get all dressed up and show off. It was so not his thing, but he had told Sharon he would take her and he would never go back on his word. He borrowed his dad’s K-car and went to pick her up, corny corsage and all. He considered ditching it, the corsage not the car, but he knew his mother would want to see pictures. He could give her that much.

Larry was greeted at the door by Sharon’s father, Mr. Lavety. He wasn’t what Larry had expected. He was tall and handsome, and he could just tell he had been one of the popular jocks back in high school. Larry had expected a chubbier, nerdier version of Dr Jeffcoate. Maybe Sharon took after her mother. Before he could say as such he was interrupted by Sharon coming down the stairs. She was wearing a green flowing dress with a deep wine coloured ribbon at her waist and shoes to match. It complimented her red hair and pale skin nicely. He hadn’t noticed her legs before. She didn’t look half bad. Not bad at all.

Walking to the car Larry noticed that the ribbon on Sharon’s dress wasn’t actually ribbon at all. It was leather, a beautifully soft leather strapping. He was intrigued. As he held the door for her to get into the car she leaned in and whispered that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock jumped unexpectedly. This prom thing was really looking up.

Wicked Wednesday

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Have You Met Larry?

As he poured the hot wax over her bare chest he was reminded of the first night they met. A random meeting at a party he had not wanted to go to. Now, here they were in a dungeon playing and people, strangers, were watching them do so. Never would he have thought this day would come.

Larry had always been a bit of a loner. Not in a creepy or I’m-so-depressed-I-just-want-to-sit-alone-in-my-room-with-a-hoodie-over-my-head-and-listen-to-thrash-metal-all-day-and-night way though. He was shy, which in itself wasn’t conducive to having a large group of friends, but he also found that the way he saw things was much different from anyone he knew. After years of awkwardly trying to conform and fit in to the acceptable norm, he stopped. He was quiet and kept to himself. He wasn’t happy, but he wasn’t unhappy either, he just was.

If you are out riding bike with your friends and come across a Dead_Cat_by_TwistedInsidedead cat beside a bike trail, what do you think of it? Many would just think it was gross, others would be tempted to poke it with a stick, you know, make sure it was really dead and show their friends they had no fear.

Larry saw the cat and thought about what had led to it being there. He wondered what had caused its death, what it felt like as its life drained away. He wondered if the cat was scared, if it fought to the end or succumbed to its inevitable fate. He wondered if it had been aware it was dying. Mostly he wondered if the cat was excited by it all, like he was when he thought about it.

Larry was a sadist. He liked control, he liked to cause pain, and he liked to watch his slaves react to him. He didn’t care for the mushy love and hearts stuff. Cuddling? Go do that with someone else.

He has had many over the years, slaves that is. They wouldn’t all consider themselves slaves, but he would. He did love them though, in his own special way. He loved the feeling he had when he used them, when he saw the welts and tears, when he felt them shaking beneath him, when he heard their moans and pleads begging him to stop. He loved to see the fear in their eyes, the wetness that betrayed their fear.

What he loved most of all, what he lay awake reliving and yearning for, was observing that moment when they broke, when they finally gave in and accepted the pleasure that came from the pain, when they craved the pain itself. It was a symphony for him, building to that final movement. Once he reached it however, once he broke them, he was done. He could find no pleasure in the broken ones. They were for somebody else’s pleasure now.

Jeanine was different. He couldn’t break her, he didn’t need to. She had always known the pleasure pain could give her. But this is Larry’s story, I’ll tell you all about her another time.


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