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I was going to start this post by saying that although I have dreamt and fantasized about a co-worker I’ve never actually brought it to life. Then I realized that would be a lie. Maybe it was the prompt itself, office affairs, that made me forget about it. We didn’t work in an office after all. Not back then. Not like I have been for the past twenty years. There was this one time a few years back when I almost got busy with someone in my office, but that didn’t pan out and he wasn’t a co-worker. He was someone from my past that I should have let stay in the past.

It was one of my first real jobs in high school. I got a part-time job at the local Denny’s as a hostess and cleaning staff. It was great fun actually. I used to work the night shift on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Being a 24/7 restaurant we always had a big after the bar crowd. It’s funny being completely sober and listening to drunkards trying to have intelligent and philosophical conversations. What is it about consuming alcohol that makes us become all knowing? My Dad was that way. A handful of drinks and he wanted to discuss the meaning of life.

The senior employee who was assigned to me, I can’t even recall his name, was to die for. Young, handsome, and very flirtatious. We started from the very first shift. Quick whit and innuendo, never out rightly saying what we wanted to do. Good girls don’t say those things, and boys didn’t ask. One must beat around the bush about such things apparently, reading between the lines.

I’d been there about a month or so when we were working together on a Sunday evening. I was covering a shift for someone else as I didn’t normally work on Sunday’s. The place was quiet and rather empty. The back area was closed and we would all use it to go sit during our breaks. I was sitting at one of the big corner booths when he (why can’t I remember his name?) came back and sat with me. I became nervous and fidgety. I knew we would cross the line at some point, I just hadn’t thought it would be that night.

He leaned in and kissed the back of my neck. I swear, I would have melted into a puddle right then if it had been possible. When I turned my head to look at him he reached his hand out to caress my cheek then came in for a real kiss. It was gentle at first but quickly became more urgent. His hands moved to my breasts, unbuttoning my blouse and sliding in under my bra. It was electric, his rough hand on my delicate skin squeezing and pinching. I couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure. I felt his smile form against my lips.

Opening my eyes I was staring straight into his clear blue eyes. I saw his questions in them. Was I ok? Did I want to go further? Did I want him to stop? I answered by closing my eyes and kissing him deeply. He in turn pushed me back against the seat, reciprocating the kiss and moving his hand from my breast to between my legs.

To say it felt good would be a major understatement. I had fooled around before, had a few boyfriends, but I was still a virgin and had only been penetrated by fingers other than my own a few times previously. This was the first since moving to Ontario about six months earlier. I was too busy missing home and trying to talk my parents into moving back there to make new friends or even consider a boyfriend. The co-worker was a perfect distraction.

As good as his fingers felt I wanted something else and knew he would be up for it as well. Moving his hand from between my legs it was my turn. I pushed him back, undid his belt and unzipped his pants. As my hand wrapped around his cock I heard an unmistakable moan of pleasure and felt him relax into the seat. A few strokes later my hand was replaced by my mouth.

It was a very enjoyable break until we were interrupted by another employee with a rude “ahem”. He was not very impressed with us. Too bad. He could have joined in the fun.


*Note: “Office affairs” was last week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt. I didn’t get this posted then but wanted to link back to it so you could check out what others had to say about their office affairs.

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You finish filing your last report and you are ready to head home. As you reach for the office door, the lights go out. What happens next?

Damn, the power went out again! Didn’t I tell Clara to make sure she paid the bill on time this month? I was thinking it might be time to let her go and find someone who can actually follow direction to do the job. Every month it was something. Forgot to pay the hydro bill. Put the wrong detergent in the dishwasher. Didn’t get the Murdock file out on time. She was pretty incompetent at times, why was she even still here? I was going to have to have a talk with her, bring HR in on it, and give her a formal written warning. It was long overdue.

I would deal with that on Monday, right then I needed to make sure everyone was gone and lock up. Most of the employees left early, Friday of a long weekend and all, but I still had to be sure. Since I wouldn’t be able to set the security system or check the scanner to see if anyone else was still there, I would have to go check the place myself. The wife was going to be pissed if I was late again. It was becoming a regular habit and she was getting suspicious. I needed to make this quick and get the hell home. Another night of her silent treatment wasn’t nearly as nice as one might think. It came with accusing looks, a scowl, and banging of things on the counter, the floor, even slamming doors. Her words may be silent but nothing else she did was.

So off I went to start at the far end of the building. That way I could work my way back to the front, be efficient about it. The back entrance was secure and the first two rows of offices were empty. I was about to start on the next row when I heard a noise in one of the boardrooms. There weren’t any meetings scheduled, who could it be at this hour?Viewty

The door was slightly ajar and I could make out Clara’s frilly sun dress. That was another thing I needed to talk to her about, inappropriate office attire. We were a professional office and all employees should dress as such. Enough with the frilly sun dresses and skimpy outfits. They were distracting.

My hand was on the door, about to push it open when I heard a mans voice inside. It was Andrew, one of the sales managers. He must have had her working on a special project.

There was some shuffling and I saw Clara kneel in front of Andrew. He was sitting in one of the brown leather club chairs at the side of the room. My position at the door gave me a clear view of the two of them.

“Now, let me see those perky tits of yours, babydoll.” Andrew opened Clara’s dress and pinched her nipples.

“Ohh,” and a giggle.

“Do you think this is funny?”

“No, Daddy. It’s just, well, I kinda liked it and it surprised me is all. I am sorry for giggling. How can I make it up to you Daddy? I’ll do anything.”

“Yes you will babydoll.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Babydoll? Daddy? What was this Daddy business? Andrew wasn’t her father, and he certainly wouldn’t be touching her that way if he was. They must be into some kind of kinky role playing thing, like on those old porno movies I had stashed away in the garage.

“Be a good girl babydoll and make me a happy Daddy,” and with those words Andrew pulled his dick out and Clara took it in her mouth. Her pouty little mouth, with its full lips and shiny pink gloss. Yes, I had noticed them before too. Another distraction. As her head bobbed back and forth, a slick wetness was left on Andrews dick. She would take him in all the way, her lips kissing the base and her tongue barely caressing his ballsack. Then she would pull back, slowly, dragging her tongue along the base, until only the very tip was at her lips. Clara looked up at him, her eyes searching for a sign he was enjoying it, while continuing to suck and bob.

Fuck, I was getting hard watching her. She could call me Daddy if she was going to suck my dick like that. Hell, she could call me whatever she wanted. Last time the wife sucked my dick was before the boys were born and they were graduating university next month. We barely had a sex life at all these days.

Andrew was getting into it now, thrusting his hips, making sure his dick went all the way in. His hands held her steady, pulling her toward him as he shoved it in again. Then he picked up his rhythm, full on fucking her face. I heard her gagging, there were tears welling in her eyes. He kept going, not letting up, and I could tell he was about to blow his load. Another thrust, a grunt, and he was exploding into her mouth. She couldn’t take it all and I could see it seeping out, dripping down her chin. It was like watching a real life porn flick.

Oh, to be him right then, blowing a big load of hot salty cum into that beautiful pouty mouth. Rubbing my own cock, feeling it strain against its confines, I could feel the pre-cum oozing, making a wet spot on my pants. I needed to get out of there before I blew myself. They could lock the place up when they left, since they obviously thought they were the only ones still there anyway. I quickly made my way back to the front and out of the office.

As I headed home all I could think about was Clara’s mouth and how it would feel wrapped around me. I couldn’t help myself. I pulled my zipper down and came all over the floor of the car. Wet pants and a messy car, how the hell would I explain that to the wife?

This weeks challenge from Rebel was to write a story about what happened next, after the lights went out. Apparently one challenge wasn’t enough, I also decided to write from a mans perspective. I’d love to know what you think of this guy.
Click the link below to see what others did after the lights went out.


This story has also been submitted to The Fellatio Project on Stranded In Toronto.

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