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I was going to post a follow-up piece to Catching The Signal, but that will have to wait another week.

You do not need to watch this video to understand what I am going to write. You don’t need to watch it to know that people are gullible and blindly follow others without questioning reasons or motivation. ‘You say it’s a fight we should be having? Ok, I’ll fight this injustice with you.’ It’s pure propaganda and you may be more pissed off with the people who made it than the ones they are trying to get you mad at. I am posting it, you can decide whether you watch it or not.

Think a Little Porn Is Harmless? This Is Guaranteed to Change Your Mind. Warning: You Can’t Unwatch This
At the root of the porn industry and the exploitation of women is a desire driven by men. What if instead of being part of the problem, men became part of the solution? *Caution: This video contains graphic elements.


I saw this video on Facebook the other day. A friend had posted it so I thought I would watch and see what it was about. My first clue should have been that it is from the FaithIt website, but then I’ve seen a lot of cute little things on there so I thought I’d see what it was all about. The more I watched the madder I got. I’m paraphrasing here, but what they say is that basically men need to learn to control their urges and become men of God because their desire to watch porn leads to the complete exploitation of women and ultimately sex trafficking.

There are more than a few reasons I have issue with this video.

First off, it isn’t only men who have sexual urges and desires. It isn’t only men who watch porn. I would think in this day and age there are more women watching porn than ever before. It’s so easy to access online, to order online, or even to purchase at your local adult store. Women are more confident in their own sexuality and asking for what they want rather than sitting back and feeling ashamed for it.

Just because someone likes to watch porn or have kinky sex does not mean that they will end up purchasing prostitutes and contributing to sex trafficking. One is not synonymous with the other, and one does not ultimately lead to the other. Watching porn does not always translate into other things, into more dangerous or degrading or illegal activities. I know there are people with no self control, but there are as many who can control themselves and have no desire to do more than watch a little porn occasionally. Not everyone eats the whole bag of potato chips, and not everyone watches porn 24/7 or feels the need to go beyond the porn.

I understand that yes, there are some women who get into the porn business because they are forced to or because they are down from other issues and find it an easy way to score some cash. There are more who do it of their own free will, simply because they want to. I would do it in a heartbeat if I had the body for it. Well, the body for hot sexy porn not chubby chaser porn. I don’t know how I’d do with the faking orgasm part though. I’ve never been good at faking anything.

Those porn producers of old, the ones who force the drug ridden or otherwise needy women to have sex on film, are not the types of porn producers of today. They do still exist throughout the world, and you can always find whatever it is you are looking for, but the business as a whole has cleaned up and become much more mainstream and accessible. These days there are many more reputable producers and at home amateurs. One look through FetLife and you’ll see a plethora of women freely and openly enjoying themselves making their own videos. I don’t believe they can act well enough to make us believe they are enjoying it, I believe they really are enjoying it.

Sex trafficking is about money and greed and control. It has much more to do with power than it does sex. I know someone who was once part of that world who says herself that it isn’t about sex. She says she was degraded and belittled and made to feel completely worthless, told she was nothing and would get nowhere in life. It was about making them, her and the other women, lose their confidence and sense of self worth and general ambition in life so that they became nothing more than simple objects. Without feeling and desire and a sense of self worth they could easily be controlled and used to make money. A simple object to make its owner money.

Ok, so that may be part of the point of the video. For the record, I am against sex trafficking and using or degrading women who do not wish to be used or degraded. The point is though, that one thing does not lead to the other.

Oh, and as for God, you don’t need to believe in God to help people. You also aren’t some forsaken degenerate if you don’t believe. I could go on about my thoughts on religion and faith, but I will leave that for another day, or not. What I will say that it isn’t God you need to find to be happy and whole and not do things that lead you down the road to supporting sex trafficking. What you need to do is find yourself.

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Wicked Wednesday

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I like sex.
That does not mean I am easy.
I am kinky.
That does not make me a deviant.
I like to play.
That does not mean I will play with anyone who asks.
I like to submit.
That does not mean I require a Master.
It also does not mean I am weak.

I enjoy anal sex.
That does not mean I like getting fucked up the ass.
I love cock.
That does not mean I can’t also enjoy pussy.
I like to show off my body.
That does not mean I am not shy.
I like to watch.
That does not mean I won’t join in.
It also does not mean I will.

I am single.
That does not mean I am desperate.
I enjoy flirting.
That does not mean I am any good at it.
I am picky.
That does not mean I don’t settle.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
That does not mean I keep it unprotected.
It also does not mean I will give it to just anyone.

I won’t call you on every little slip.
That does not mean I do not notice.
I do not hold grudges.
That does not mean I am a doormat.
I like pain.
That does not mean I enjoy being hurt.
I give second chances.
But not to everyone.
If you are lucky I may even give a third.

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Why do you care who I kiss or how I do it?
Why so concerned what I do in my bedroom?
Why is it wrong to bring it outside my bedroom?
Why does it matter my sexual orientation or how I choose to express it?
Why is your way right and my way wrong?
It’s sex.
There are many different ways of doing it.
Have you not heard of the Kama Sutra?
Have you never experimented in your own sex life?
We each have different lines, different likes and dislikes.
What is it that so disgusts you?
Is it that I talk about it?
Is it that I am unashamed?
They exhilarate me.
I freely submit to my Sir.
He does as he sees fit and I love him for it.
Why is this so completely foreign to you?
Why do you care?
Why do I?
Maybe I am a deviant.
Maybe I am completely normal.
Maybe I am somewhere between the two.
Why does it matter?

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