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My day started with several self given orgasms. It began with a delicious creamy one, ended with an exquisite squirty one, and contained many more equally enjoyable ones in between.

All but one of the many were vaginal orgasms today. This isn’t rare, as I do orgasm from both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, but it is a rare occurrence when I masturbate. I do enjoy playing with insertables but it’s my clit that usually gets me off when I masturbate, occasionally my nipples, but usually my clit. The insertables are more about giving me a full feeling while I toy with my clit because an empty cunt doesn’t like to cum, at least mine doesn’t.

I awoke, already aroused and wet. My nipples were taut and sensitive. I could feel ever fiber of the light bed sheet as it grazed my nipples when I moved. It did little to ease my desire. Why fight it? I pulled the sheet aside and pinched my nipple, sending currents of electric passion to my cunt. It’s wetness grew with every pinch and twist and pull. I started to move my hand down between my legs, to feel the wetness that had grown, but I stopped. I wanted more than my own hand.

I didn’t just want to get off this morning, I wanted to fuck. I wanted to feel a big, hard cock inside me. I wanted to ride it, to feel it deep inside of me, to feel the swollen head as it slid all the way out before pushing deep inside again. I wanted to feel a real cock pounding into me, being rough and forceful and mixing that pleasure with the aching pain of having the cock hitting those places deep up inside of me.

That wasn’t to be though. No man, no real cock today. Just me, and my toys.

I pulled the big blue beast out of it’s home in my bedside table and rubbed it between my legs for a moment. I felt my wetness coating it as I moved it back and forth. Even my clit throbbed at it’s hardness. I knew laying there and pushing it in wasn’t going to be enough. It just wouldn’t do. I got up, and putting the big blue beast between my legs, I slowly sat down on the edge of the bed. I felt the head penetrate my soft opening as I moved and the shaft slowly disappeared inside of me. I pushed down on it until I felt the tip deep up inside of me then I raised my hips, my cunt sliding up the shaft until the tip came out but still pressed against my opening. I then bore down, feeling it push against my swelling pussy and fill me up before raising my hips again. Many more times, up and down, fucking the big blue beast before the wave crashed and the first white, creamy orgasm escaped me.

I was still hot and horny for more. Super horny. Hornier than I recall being in a very long time. I don’t know if it was hormones or what, but if I could learn to harvest that super horny state of being I’d be the richest woman in the world. I began riding the big blue beast again. This time I pinched and tugged at my nipples. Moments later another orgasm. I didn’t stop. I couldn’t. I kept riding it until more orgasms spilled out of me, one after another after another. There was a continuous supply of orgasms that were eager for release and I wasn’t about to stop them.

Many orgasms later I lay on my bed. My mouth dry, my skin glistening with sweat, my nipples hard and aching, and my cunt still shuddering and twitching from it’s multiple orgasms. My cunt still wanted more though. It still wanted the biggest release. Even as the orgasms were flowing there was still one that was continuing to build inside of me. I could not ignore my clit any longer.

I pulled another toy from the drawer of my bedside table. This one was meant to stay in as I played with my clit. I did not have it in me to concentrate on holding the big blue beast in with one hand while rubbing one out with the other and denying my desire to grab and pull at the pillow or mattress as I came one more time. Two hands just would not suffice in such a situation.

I spread my lips and inserted the new toy. There was no resistance. My hot and plentiful juices that had been flowing made insertion easy. With my lips still spread and the toy securely inserted I moved my right hand to my clit. It was swollen and tender. I dragged some of my slick juices up to my clit and began slowly rubbing it in a circular fashion. My touch was light but the familiar sensation that I was about to explode came quickly. As it did my touch became firmer and faster, my hips moved and began to fuck the air, and my quick breaths came with moans begging for release. As I begged with my body and my moans it came. The giant tidal wave that had been building came crashing down all around me and I felt as though it were washing me out to sea as the contractions pushed more than the toy out of me. The tidal wave brought a massive squirting orgasm that soaked me, the bed, and parts of the floor. It left my body a quivering mess incapable of any comprehendible thought or word.






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Oh the mighty orgasm. Considered the holy grail for some, and meer child’s play for others.

I was a late bloomer when it came to orgasm. At least I think I was. I’ve never really heard or read anything about when women first experience orgasm. I would be curious to know when my female readers first experienced orgasm. Maybe there is a project to be built there. Maybe somebody already has.

I started having sex in my mid teens, sixteen actually, but did not experience my first orgasm until nearly five years later. That does not mean all that time in between wasn’t fun and fulfilling, it was, for the most part, it just didn’t include an orgasm. Not even one of my own making. And I played with myself plenty. That started long before I first had sex with a boy. I remember being caught by my brother when I was only ten or so. He was peeking under my bedroom door after I had finished my bath and was laying on the floor pushing my finger into my soft little opening. I knew enough to put my finger inside, and I enjoyed the feeling of it, but had no idea about my clit.

My very first orgasm came when I was twenty years old and dating a bisexual man named Randy. The cause, the catalyst, of my orgasm is still the biggest shocker for me when it comes to my sex life. My first orgasm came from anal sex. I didn’t even know that was possible! For men sure, but women? Did you know? It took a long time to recover from that experience, not physically so much as mentally. It shook me to my core.

I am apparently unique when it comes to orgasms or so, among other things, I’ve been told. I seem to be one of those very lucky women who can orgasm in different ways, by different means. How do I orgasm? Let me count the ways….

1) anal penetration, with me on my back or side

2) sexual intercourse, full on hard fucking, just about any position as long as it is a forceful pounding

3) clitoral stimulation, with or without penetration

4) g-spot stimulation, leads to a squirting orgasm every.. fucking.. time

5) nipple play/torture, the harder the better, no stimulation of clit or cunt required

6) slapping my cunt

7) slapping my ass

8) growl at me, deep and low, tell me to cum, command me (this is a fickle one which has so far only come from Him)

9) the super-duper magic metal toy, the quickest way to orgasm, also a massive squirt inducer

10) sucking his cock, when I am into it my cunt will drip like a leaky faucet then one touch and I’m done

In addition to these different ways of bringing me to orgasm, I also have different kinds of orgasms. My reactions differ due to many things, but mainly I think it just depends on the day and the partner. Sometimes I am quiet and just buck my body a little, bite my lip and let out the faintest of moans. Sometimes I scream, oh fuck, fuck, fuck! Sometimes there will be one big orgasm while other times there seems to be a never ending supply of them. Sometimes there is a little thick and clear liquid. Sometimes I look like a man ejaculated on my cunt there is so much creamy excretion. Sometimes the flood gates open and I squirt clear across the room.

We are all different and unique in the way we reach that peak of orgasm. Even each of us individually can have a multitude of different reactions. I personally follow the beat of my own drummer. I am not always in the same mood, same company, same general frame of mind every day. I wear different clothing, style my hair differently, listen to different music, all depending on the day and the mood. Why then, when everything else can change and be different, should I expect anything less from my body and my orgasms?

Want to see how others are being wicked this Wednesday? Sure you do! Click the link below and see what other wickedness you may discover.


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Navigating Sex


1. Answer Yes or No:
I Regret My First Kiss    NO. He was a nice guy and those were fun days
I Miss My First Love    NO. I see him most weeks as his sister cares for my son. I have not been “in love” with him for the better part of 20 years.
I Married My First Love    NO. I’ve actually never been married.
I Loved Someone That Didn’t Love Me    YES. I loved him, still do, but I am not in love with him. I believe it’s impossible to be in love with someone who isn’t also in love with you.

2. Do you consider yourself monogamous or polyamorous or some other category which you will explain or define for us now?
I would say I am monogamous more so than polyamorous. I don’t cheat on my partners and I don’t often have more than one. There have been times when I have had relationships with several men at one time, and am certain I will again in the future, but that hasn’t been my normal way. When having multiple relationships there is still always a main one and that relationship will always override the others. Each partner is also always aware of the other, or others, before moving forward. I don’t consider swinging or threesomes, or even surrogates as more than an add-on to a relationship.

3. Your partner is in the mood for sex and you are tired – what do you do?
a. Start snoring. There is no way I’m giving it up tonight.
b. Trade. You give me a massage… and we will see…
c. That would never happen!
Yeah, that would never happen. I am nearly always in the mood and even if I wasn’t I would get there soon enough.

4. Does your partner mind if you masturbate, in bed, when they are there?
I don’t have a partner currently, but my last few partners did not mind at all. If anything, they would push me to do it. Voyeurs. Got to love the voyeurs. 🙂

5. Describe your typical sexual romp:
a. You are playful and tame
b. You have occasionally introduced a few things like outfits and toys
c. You love trying new things and shocking your partner
I am very playful, enjoy toys, and love trying new things. I guess that makes me a bit of all three. Typically it would be playful and adventurous.

Bonus: What was your best ever masturbation experience. Why was it the best? Describe.
How about I just show you…



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Happy TMI Tuesday!


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