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It’s taken a year but I finally have a guest post from Stranded! The first, but hopefully not the last. I asked for his thoughts on voyeurism…

Dateline 1979, August…well, August-ish…Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The sun was going down relatively early, which puts the time in late August…Calgary may have more sunny days than any other major Canadian city, but the hours of sunlight dwindle quickly with Rocky Mountains blocking it out.

Our bikes were strewn behind the local Gulf Petro Station on the southeast corner of Fairmont and Southland Drives in the Willow Park section of Southeast Calgary. About ten of us stood huddled, scanning the pages in our hidden lair as though we were hungry dogs that had just been tossed a veggie burger…it looked like meat, but we were not quite sure yet.

One of the boys had found a “nudie magazine”. Playboy, in fact, from April of 1979 that he had stolen from under his brother’s bed and brought for us all to see.

We were not supposed to see that.

We really should look away.

…but we just could not.

That was just before my ninth birthday and, already, voyeurism had me in its clutches. I just had no idea how much of a grasp the concept had on me.

“Quite so. He sees, but he does not observe.” – Sherlock Holmes (played by Michael Caine in Without a Clue)

We all rubber neck at car accidents, natural disasters and Toronto Maple Leaf hockey games…why would seeing the taboo acts of a sensual nature be any different? We all like to watch. We all like a show. The multi-billion dollar porn industry is banking on each of us having a voyeuristic streak to one degree or another.

Let us skip ahead to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada in February of 1991. My friend, Richard, decides he is going to introduce me to something risqué. We drove east along Derry Road to the Northeast Mississauga where Lester B. Pearson International Airport resides, and headed north on Torbram Road. There was housed the Million Dollar Saloon…a strip club, for lack of a better term. That evening, a young woman (older than me) name Teagan danced for me at Richard’s expense…as she danced shockingly close with her look, but do not touch private lap dance.

For the record, the club is still there and has become quite notorious as part of Mississauga’s “trinity clubs” for having a reputation of bawdy houses more than strip joints. The shock of seeing a naked woman, that was one thing…I had obviously seen that before…but the fact she was dancing, trying to get a rise out of me specifically and I did not even have to buy her a drink while I just sat back and watched. I recall very little of the stage show, however…

Looking but not touching…seeing the taboo things that should not be seen…it was exciting. It was exhilarating. It showed a side of myself that I did not understand. Like porn, the entire business of stripping is based upon voyeurism…all these clubs where we go and watch the fantasy of what could be.

Another skip ahead…early 2013…along Lake Shore Blvd. in Southwest Toronto. We park the car and find the glass doors of the club, which open upon steps descending beneath the street level and into the club where dance music booms. Being our first time, the reception desk clerk asked us, “You are aware this is a swingers club, right? I know it sounds silly but I have to ask.” A tour, a few drinks, and a few dances later, the back play area opens up and assaults our senses with the dreams of voyeurs everywhere. To see the actual sex act, not depicted on pages nor fantasized about on a strip club stage…but watching one man we had met at the bar kneeling before his date while she screamed at his tongue work. Watching another couple as she crouched and lowered herself onto his erection for all in attendance to watch.

This place is where exhibitionists come to entertain voyeurs. A meeting of those wanting to watch with those wanting to be watched.

What a glorious concept.

It was the first time I discovered that being watched, for me, is even more fun than watching…at least on this level. Being I write erotica, in one sense, I was already well aware of this, but this place took it to an entirely new level.

I digress, however, as exhibitionism is a discussion for another time.

Voyeurism, however…the thrill of watching others play…others join in…even watching my own lover as she accepted another man’s erection into her mouth…it took 42 years to find the level of voyeurism I wanted. I still want more.

Watching sex is easy…it sells everything, so extremely easy to find. Pushing the envelope to find that level one is most comfortable with, however…that is the adventure.

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30 Minutes in Heaven ~ A

This is a repost of A’s submission to The Fellatio Project on Stranded In Toronto. It is his telling of a first experience. The original post can be found here: http://strandedintoronto.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/30-minutes-in-heaven/

I don’t think I will ever forget that first time. Truth is, I don’t believe anyone ever forgets their first.

I had only known Steven for a few weeks but he seemed like a decent guy. I was immediately attracted to him. He came out to me pretty much right away. Being in the scene for a while gave him that kind of confidence. I had returned the favour, feeling comfortable and safe enough to trust him from the start.

It was a Friday night and we were in his basement watching tv, just hanging out waiting for everyone else to show up for a party. We sat on opposite ends of the couch. Having never been with another guy before, I was still a little shy and nervous about it.

a_kiss_of_permenance_by_heisaspySteven got up to get himself a Smirnoff Ice cooler, our drink of choice for the party, and when he returned he not so subtly sat down next to me. He made his intentions crystal clear when he leaned in, grabbed my cock, then kissed me rough and hard when I turned in shock to face him. Not a bad kind of shock, more pleasant surprise. He was obviously more experienced with other men than I was.

After some intense making out we were both erect and ready for more. He asked if I was ready for it, and I couldn’t help but say yes. I was craving a taste of him. It was exhilarating, I wanted to please him with everything in me. I was exhilarated. In pure ecstasy the second I took him in my mouth and my heart was beating a mile a minute. Excitement. Fear. Anticipation. The emotions surrounding me were almost too much.

He was bigger than I had anticipated, close to 7.5 inches. After trying to take him all and almost choking I realised I would need to focus on the head and let my hands go to work on his thick shaft. Once I started stimulating him both manually and orally he was squirming and moaning a lot more. I knew I was on to something genius.

It felt like we had been there but mere moments, although the clock showed that more than 20 minutes had passed. I looked up at him, asking when people would arrive and if some might walk in on us. He just smiled and said that we’d have plenty of time then gently, but firmly, forced me back to his cock. That moment, knowing he wanted me, knowing what I was doing to him, I was swarmed with such feelings of pride and sexual dominance. It was pure joy.

After continuing to suck and play a while more I could sense he was almost finished when his breathing became more shallow and rapid. I was thankful. My jaw was just about ready to go numb from being open and used for so long. Just as he was about to cum I suddenly got a little scared. I was completely unprepared I wondered how strong his cum would hit my throat, and how much would there be. Up to this point I had only ever been on the other end of this situation.

I soon ran out of time to be worried. As he screamed in euphoric pleasure and I felt his hot, sweet, sticky cum hit my mouth, I instantly wanted more. The feel of his long hard penis pumping his cum into my mouth was almost too much for me to take. I was so worked up that I almost came myself. After he was finished I sat there with my face still buried in his lap, kissing his cock, silently thanking it for giving me one of the few memories I knew I’d take with me forever.

He was quick to return the favour, which didn’t take long as I was so worked up already. After I was finished we sat there and held each other, softly kissing until his doorbell rang and the party started. Throughout the night we’d lock eyes and smile knowing that what had happened was our dirty little secret, and that the good times were only just beginning.

I have not again been as proud of myself, sexually, as I was that day. I had finally made another man cum, something I thought I would never have the chance to do. The best part was knowing he had enjoyed it as much as I did.

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This is what happened after Her Fetish.

He was very proud of her. She had greeted him just as he had told her to, wearing one of his white dress shirts and nothing else. This one didn’t fit him now of course, but damn she looked mighty fine in it. She did a wonderful job of taking control of the moment too. He did push, to see if she would falter, but she was a good girl and didn’t let him take over.

She is a most wonderful cock sucker. From the very first time her lips touched his cock he knew it was something she thoroughly enjoyed. Not like so many other women who felt they had to do it. No, she wanted it. More so, she craved it. If he were to give her the choice of activity she would choose sucking his cock to most anything else.

He was going to show her just how much he loved her, how much he missed her while he had been away. He knew it was hard on her with him on the road so much lately. There was a lot of time to make up for. There were punishments to be doled and rewards to be reaped, but first he was going to work on fixing a problem. She would soon remember who was really in charge.

Leading her to the bedroom he found she had once again obeyed his instruction. He was impressed with how well she was taking to this new dynamic in their relationship. She had laid out all the items he had told her to. Everything neatly arranged on the side of the bed. He wondered how excited she had been, how wet, pulling each piece and setting the scene.

white_shirt_by_mallorkaThe bed had been made with those deep blue sheets they had picked up on their last trip to Paris. Indigo she had called them. All he knew was that they were luxurious and she loved them. Anything to help make her more comfortable as he took her on this journey of discovery. Blue sheets and an old dress shirt were her comfort items.

Today he was going to reintroduce her to bondage with the new restraints. He knew she was still weary of it after her first time with that bloody bloke who nearly killed her. That had happened long before they met but it still haunted her. He wanted to send those old memories packing. This time he was going to show her how wonderful it could be.

He had purchased a leather set with wrist and ankle cuffs, adjustable tethers, and a blindfold. There was also a ball gag, but that would have to wait for another time. He hadn’t told her to forgo the gag so she had included it with the rest of the items. Even though it scared her more than anything he had ever witnessed, she still obeyed when he had told her to take the restraints out. He now put the gag back in the drawer.

Where earlier she had been eager and full of confidence, fear has since come to rest within her. She has crawled onto the bed and sits there now, on her knees, waiting for him to apply the restraints. Her breath haggard as she struggles with the demons inside.

“It’s ok baby, I am not going to hurt you. This time will be different. Just trust me.”

“I do.” she says, looking up into his eyes. And with those two little words she begins to relax.

The leather is so very soft on her wrists and ankles. She had expected it to be much harsher against her delicate skin. He had obviously put a lot of thought and money into this. She was thankful for many things, not the least of which was this wonderfully thoughtful and caring man she called husband.

With the restraints now on, he helps her to her back on the bed before adding the blindfold. He can still see the fear in her eyes and reiterates that she is going to be ok, that he is going to take care of her. She closes her eyes and lets him put the blindfold on.

He grazes her cheek lightly, then holds her a moment as he kisses her. Slowly, tenderly, his hands move over her body caressing and massaging gently along every curve, every dimple. His hands are followed by a trail of kisses that do not miss a spot. Even her cute little belly button gets invaded by his finger and tongue. He can feel her beginning to relax under his touch. This pleases him. He smiles.

He now reaches that hot spot between her legs. The dripping wetness from earlier had subsided but it is building again. She has let go of the fear and only arousal remains. He feels the heat rising within her. He knows how to push the right buttons.. how to flick his tongue against her clit.. how to lick and suckle it.. how to move his fingers inside of her until she gushes her sweet juices.

He teases first, just the tip of his tongue at her opening. She wants more. She tries to move her hips but the restraints won’t let her. She is at his mercy. He hears her whimper as she fails to get him inside her. She is dripping now. Hot sweet juices drenching her pussy. She is quickly reaching her limit. Again she tries to move her hips. Still nothing. Another whimper escapes.

He delves deep into her, her juices covering his face, his chin. His hands join in, fingers sliding in and out, first one then two. Come hither they say, and she does. Her whimper becomes loud moans of pleasure, her body bucks in orgasm and she gushes, body twitching uncontrollably, her wetness covering everything.

He undoes her cuffs, pulls a sheet up around her, and holds her. Stroking her hair, soothing her as her body begins to come down from its high. The blindfold stays on as she is not yet ready to come back to reality. It also serves as protection from the bright sunlight streaming in through the bedroom window.

“Good Girl” he says, still soothing her. “Good Girl.”

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