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So, here we are, another wonderfully Wicked Wednesday to celebrate. This Wednesday I have the honour of sharing the artwork of a friend, The Artist. He was inspired, to some extent, by the Pussy Pride Project and the Great Wall of Vagina. I struggled with how to present these pieces to you, and in the end thought the words of Artist Wife may be best…

“After he read of the Pussy Pride Project he was wondering about pussy caricatures. He is a professional artist and was wondering about an approach to depicting the beauty of the pussy in a non-goofy caricatured way. In as much caricatures are usually pushed facial features– what do you push when it’s your crotchal region and still be you? If someone was to be poetic about their pussy, is that translatable to caricature? Can an artist happily depict someone’s pussy and not come off as dysmorphic? Or perhaps happily celebrate the dysmorphia? He is curious about exploring this. He is an over all admirer , like most men (LOL) but he is an artist inspired as well. Can a guy do it justice? Do you think caricatures would be interesting–artist to artist?”


After her initial email I responded with an I’m in! What can I do to help? The idea excited me too. I couldn’t wait to see what he had in mind, how he could translate the beauty of the pussy into caricature form.


Just as what you see when you look in the mirror as opposed to what I see when I look at you, it is impossible for everyone to see or feel the same on a piece of art (regardless the form or subject matter). That is what makes art so fantastic.


Artist Wife and I saw different things in these initial offerings. I noted that they could be like our own erotic Rorschach test. What do you see?

** clickity-click to view larger scale images.**

Pussy Pride

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