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Word Limit = 175
Required Phrase – “Waiting too long”
Forbidden words – Sorry, Sorrow, Regrets, Pain
Extra Credit – Be nice this week.
Bonus Words – Tell us a true story of unrequited love (50 words)
Seems I didn’t maintain the word limit this week, nor did I actually post on Friday. Was I nice? Possibly not. Bad Stella!

Legend has it you can bring a loved one home by wrapping yourself in the vines of their home and professing your love for them. Seemed silly, he knew, yet he would try anything that might help bring her home to him. She was the light of his life, his heart, and he was forever lost without her. He had been waiting too long to be whole again.

Saturday morning he headed out towards her villa. He walked the few miles, stopping only for some light fare and water along the way. Maybe it was his hope, optimism this could work, he didn’t know, but it seemed the world was just a much more beautiful and positive place this morning.

He was hot when he arrived, the blazing sun and walk having caught up with him, so he stripped his shirt before starting with the vines. He pulled and twisted, wrapping the vines about his body as he leaned against the brick protecting wall.

Once finished, sweat dripped from his brow until the coolness of the brick vined wall soothed his fiery skin and calmed his beating heart. He turned his head towards the heavens and prayed for his love to return. He professed his love and longing for her, his desire to hold her close to him again, to be complete and whole.

Time passed. Silence enveloped him as the dusk moved in and the birds went off to nest. He began to worry that the whole vine legend was just that, a legend, a hoax, an old fairy tale that did nothing but tell a lovely bedtime story for children to dream about.

He felt defeated and was about to untangle himself and head home when he caught sight of something in the window. A dim light in the villa gave light to the shadows that moved within it. His heart leapt before plunging to depths of heartbreak. She was one of the shadows but the other shadow wasn’t him. There was another holding her, kissing her, stroking her.

He was frozen in that moment, unable to move, lost to everything. The vines that had earlier comforted him now trapped him. The wall that had soothed him now chilled. The light that had given him hope now only showed him there was no hope.

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Flash Fiction Prompt – 11/15 – Fuck Me

FFF Challenge – You have 100 words to make me cum.
You get 25 extra words if you write it on Thursday and do it in one draft, typos and all.


He wakes to the feel of her mouth around his morning erection, her tongue flicking that spot that drives him mad. He begins to move his hips, fucking her mouth now rather than just being serviced.

“Fuck me,” she says. “Fuck me, please.”

Who is he to deny her? He shoves her face down on the bed and rams into her from behind.

A yelp, then a moan as she moves her ass up to meet his thrusts.

She loves when he takes what he wants.

His hands reach down, grabbing her by the shoulders, and pulls her towards him as he thrusts again.

Her moaning, and that tight ass, sends him over the edge.

He explodes insider her.

“Good morning, baby.”

“Good morning, mister.”


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Word Count = 275 

Required Word = Wager

Forbidden Words = Porn, Panties, Camera

Bonus Words = Tell us where to the pictures end up a year later (+43 words)

Extra Credit = Add a picture of your own.

Join in the fun and write a piece of your own, or read all this week’s entries here.


“Don’t worry hun, you’ve got this, you radiate sexiness and it will show through. You’re fucking fantastic!”

Jim really wanted to get some sexy pictures to submit to the SelfLove.org contest. I wanted them too, I thought. It wasn’t like I never took pictures or video, but doing it to send off to strangers in hopes of winning some contest that was open to everyone in the free world, now that was a long shot at best. I just couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something bad was going to happen.

As I lay there, pretending to be all into it, I found myself getting really turned on. I imagined a group of men standing around in their suit and ties, looking at the pictures and getting aroused, getting aroused by me, my body, my movements. Then I imagined those big dark men I see in the Hedonism ads all buff and oiled up. They could take me I thought. They could take me all together if they wanted. Damn, the thought nearly sent me over the edge.

“Oh, baby, yeah baby, cum for me, let me see it.”

“Put that thing down and come take me.” I wanted him to shut up so I could keep playing the fantasy in my head.

Then reality took over.

That was over a year ago. I knew I should never have listened to that pitiful man. He used the video from that day to get in on a blackjack game and lost. Now here I am strapped to a bed giving myself up to some other creep, wagering myself in order to get the video back.

What fantasy can I turn to now to take me away from here?

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