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That’s right, I’ve moved to a new self hosted site stellakiink.com. This blog will remain active for now but will be closed and redirected to the new site soon. Even though I’ve posted on various social media accounts I know not everyone will be aware of the move until they come here to check in.

As part of this move I will be transferring current subscribers to the new site, hopefully. I’m not very technically inclined so there’s a realistic chance it won’t work. If you currently follow me here I want to thank you for all your support and urge you to go over to the new site, stellakiink.com, bookmark it and subscribe there. I’ve already made a couple posts today and I wouldn’t want you to miss anything. 🙂

I look forward to having you all by my side on this new adventure.


P.S. This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is “Try something new.” It’s been a while since I’ve posted to Wicked Wednesday, but I felt it apt to post this notice as I started posting for Wicked Wednesday from the very beginning of my very first blog. It somehow feels right that my last post here will be to the Wicked Wednesday meme as well.


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Another Hurried Exit


Another night,
another hurried exit
as the snow fell all around.
I can’t help but wonder,
why does Cinderella keep running
away to where she can’t be found?


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You know how much I love it…

You’ve heard about Mr S, now you can see him. Well, some of him. 😉

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Cold, hard metal
encased in buttery soft leather
feels best
with it’s sharp points focused
on my soft, sensitive, girly bits
Pain and pleasure mingle
My senses come alive


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Lost Scarf


Her lost scarf
dropped by the path
will soon be covered in snow
but the question still remains,
where did Cinderella go?


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We were driving through white out conditions today. Common place this time of year, especially in farm country where we were.



Almost home and although the road ahead was still blinding us with blowing snow, the sun setting on the road behind was beautiful.




Please mind the quality of pics posted on the phone. I’ll get back to a computer when I get back home to civilization.

If you prefer something more sinful, check the other posts at the link below.


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Happy 200th Sinful Sunday!


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