A Matter of Time


Looking around she was saddened to see how barren the land had become. Over the years she had watched as the lush, dense forest slowly retreated around them. There had once been a forest full of trees just like her and her steadfast companion. They had grown together, the two of them, to become as one.

There was a young boy in the farmhouse across the street who, for a long time, thought they were one tree. From his vantage he wasn’t able to decipher their two trunks or which limbs belonged to each of them. One day, shortly after starting school in town, he had walked down his lane to catch the bus. He was early. Too early to just sit and wait for the bus. Besides, he was a young boy and that meant staying still often took much more effort than he could muster all on his own. He dropped his bag to the ground then walked across the main road to climb the big tree. He was surprised to find that the big tree was really two separate trees that had been growing closely together. He stopped in his tracks and looked up at the trees, not quite believing what he was seeing. While he stood there, mouth open in aw, the bus arrived and took him off to school.

That was many moons ago. That young boy had grown up and had a family of his own. Those children had also grown up and had children of their own, along with another two generations. That young boy passed away, it that farmhouse across the street, a dozen years ago. He was 93, a great-great-grandfather. Mother nature mourned his passing along with his family and friends. Her tears fell from the heavens, soaking everything, flooding the farmhouse basement. They young boy, who was in actuality not a young boy, had been the last resident of the farmhouse. Everyone stopped visiting after he had passed. They abandoned the derelict old farmhouse and left it to rot.

She had been so saddened by this herself, the passing of the young boy and the abandonment of the farm. Nothing was really the same after that and now other things were changing. She had stood strong all these years, bending with the winds but never breaking. She had grown a great display of branches and produced what one could consider generations of leaves. Now she was nearing her end of existence.

Her steadfast companion was no longer. He had succumbed to a slow and terrible death after being struck by lightning and loosing one of his large major branches. He had always been there with her, side by side, shielding her from the brutal northern winds. He was no longer able to protect her and there were no other trees around to help fill that void and need in her life. Because of this, she too was dying. Just as the young boy had passed, she too was dying from old age and loneliness. It was merely a matter of time.




This week Marie asked us to write from the point of view of the last tree standing in the forest. This is what came to my mind. The picture above is of what I call my trees. This pair of trees sits in the middle of a field that I pass when driving to or from the cottage. I am always captivated by the beauty of nature and the way these two trees look like one large tree from the right angle. I took this picture, showing the two distinct and separate trees, to remind me of how well two people who compliment each other in the right ways can bring out a beauty in each other that you can not see otherwise. It also shows how two people can me thought of as one when in a relationship.

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Lively Sensation

“There is no more lively sensation than that of pain;
its impressions are certain and dependable,
they never deceive as may those of pleasure women perpetually feign
and almost never experience.”

~ Marquis De Sade





Liar, Liar

So, I lied. I didn’t mean to. It wasn’t intentional in the least. When I said I was going to post two pieces this week I meant it, life just got in the way. That’s been happening a lot lately, life getting in the way. Only currently it is a good thing rather than me just being a moody bitch who can’t put two nice words together.

I’ve been out socializing. I know, I’m a bit surprised by that as well. I’ve been on a few dates and had some playful fun. I’ve also been on a few nice outings with a friend, Artist Wife, which is something I haven’t done much of in recent years. Being a single parent changes a lot of things about one’s life no matter how much we say nothing is going to change.

Why am I being so social lately? My son is away. He’s spending the summer, most of it at least, a whole six weeks and two days (not that I’m counting of course) with his Nana in Newfoundland. He is having a blast. I, in the meantime, am endeavouring to get out there and do some of the things I want and enjoy doing while not having to worry about how much it costs me to do it. What I mean by that is that I don’t need to worry about how much I am spending on babysitting for someone to watch him for me to go out, and I don’t need to worry about how much time I am spending away from him. It’s a novel idea after the past four years.

So, what things have I been up to? I went to a lavender farm the other week. It was beautiful. The sight of the pretty little lavender blooms filling the field row after row. The scent of fresh lavender in the air. It took every ounce of control not to just roll around in the field and get completely covered in the wonderfully intoxicating lavender.

This past weekend we went to the Bizarre Bazaar. It is a bazaar of local craftsmen and artisans focusing on BDSM gear. It wasn’t quite what I had expected but I enjoyed it. There are some very talented people. There are also some not so talented people who think they are. There was one vendor, Bad-Ass Designs from Windsor, who was fantastic! Cutlass is a true artist.

One of the things Artist Wife and I noticed was a glaring lack of any breast relates items. There were no pasties, no nipple jewelry, no clamps of any sort. If you know me at all you know these are things I like. There may be someone who makes/sells these locally and they just weren’t at the bazaar this time round. There is only enough room for about a dozen tables so not every vendor can be at every event. We spoke with the organizer and are considering booking a table at a future bazaar.

I also met a lovely young man this last week and we’ve had a bit of fun together so far. Fun is fun. What I am enjoying most so far though is the getting to know each other. The long discussions about ourselves and our lives and the silly stories from our youth. Apparently I’m not the only person who has stopped in the middle of a sexual act and left because it just wasn’t cutting it. In recent times the new men I’ve met have been more about play than actually getting to know each other and see if something more may come of it. It’s not just because of them but also due to the way I’ve approached meeting them, if that makes sense. When I am not open to the possibility it won’t present itself. Now, I am not just open to the possibility I am actually excited by it. That makes all the difference.

So, now it would seem I lied about lying. Geez! Just can’t catch a break.

e[lust] #60

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“The rope longed for her beloved, the ceiling hook.
The suspended body; a harbinger of good news.
Love was lost.
Love was found.”
~ Chirag Tulsiani


Friends often bring the nicest things to play with. :)




Dollar Store Challenge

Molly wrote about a Fucktoy Friday Task she was given a while back that involved purchasing an item at a local hardware store and using it to make herself cum. You can read about her task and how she completed it HERE.

There are plenty of things that can be perverted at stores like Home Depot. The challenge is to think outside of the box, to bypass the obvious choices. What are obvious choices? I would think screwdrivers and the like with nice round handles would be rather obvious and expected. One of the things I purchase at my local hardware store are little rubber o-rings. They work great on the nipples. You can see them in a previous post HERE.

Then at a recent Munch one of the men brought in a package of clothes pegs he had picked up at a dollar store. They were big and clumsy, and the grip wasn’t great, but the thought behind them was good. The partner he had planned on using them on was new to kink and had never tried clamps of any sort before. He didn’t want to start her out with something that was too much for her and give her a bad experience.

This made me wonder what I could find at a dollar store. It is a great place to start rather than spending a lot of money on items you may not enjoy enough to spend that kind of money on. A few bucks at a dollar store and you can try a variety of items and figure out which are worth investing good money in.

Yesterday I went to the Dollar Tree down the street for the Dollar Store Challenge. There were a ton of items you could have some kinky fun with. I won’t post all the pictures but trust me, there were a lot more than what I am posting. I’ve grouped the items by category although you can use some of the items in different ways, or ways that could fall into more than one category.

Go out to one of your local stores and see what you can find to play with.

Which one of these do you think I purchased for myself?

Impact Play:


rulers, for the scholarly


do you like to get paddled?


for the “little” girl


cat toy is actually a bamboo cane in disguise


Sensation Play:


toothpaste (the mint kind)


a cheap sewing tool, similar to a Wartenberg Wheel

Wax Play:

Insertable Sensations:


pop in the freezer for added sensation


a unique sensation to be full of marbles


Binding & CBT:


tie those puppies up or make your own flogger




a leather “Princess” collar

Click the link below to see what wicked things others have been up to this week

The Bergs

“I touch her hair. Her shoulders clench together and she stares at the ground. She looks like a stone bird. I am an iceberg. Everyday I float farther and farther out to sea. But that can’t be. An iceberg feels no pain. An iceberg doesn’t feel cold. I feel cold. I feel distant. There is no one. There is nothing. That’s where I am. She won’t look me in the eye anymore since I asked if I could kiss her. Even wanting turns her cold.”
~ Henry Rollins





I took a much too brief trip to Newfoundland this past week. Icebergs were everywhere. One absolutely stunning one I missed getting a picture of as I had my camera turned off on the plane and we were well past before it decided to turn fully on. I wasn’t going to post these pictures today but as I thought about it I realized how completely beautiful and sensual and sinful they truly are.


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